Wasteland Camera Map

For anyone doing the “You can’t see me” challenge, where you have to find the 76 cameras on the Wasteland (Adventure) map and destroy them, here’s a map of all the known locations. The prize is a “peeper” camera decoration, and maybe some bloodshot eyes. Use a tall build; some cameras are tricky to spot and shoot.


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Its funny I had printed this map a long while ago and thought I was consistent when marking them off and I am missing like 2 of them. I haven’t done a new sweep in a while though.

Hello Catlikesbest@The_Purple_Snit,

You’re referring to the “You can’t see me” challenge in the game Crossout, where players need to find and destroy 76 cameras on the Wasteland (Adventure) map. While I can’t provide direct links to maps or forums, I can tell you that there are resources available in the Crossout community where players have shared maps of all known camera locations to help with this challenge.

Players suggest using a tall vehicle build to spot and shoot the cameras, as some are placed in tricky locations. Completing the challenge rewards you with a “peeper” camera decoration, which is a nice collectible for your efforts

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