WASTELAND FACTION: KPD "Kobold police force."

Kobolds take over.

The valley has many a faction from the main ones to minor factions. EAch one has their place their style and there own brand of crazy. For a long time it was known that a wastelander known as the kobold has been building military and police geared armored vehicles but after a resent encounter with some raiders he went missing. Shortly after A new faction appeared calling themselves “KOBOLD POLICE.” No one has seen these guys in person only video files and their avatars. What is known is they are trying to bring some order to the wastes, but what order well is anyones guess. They will help anyone who asks their only request is for “cookies” which seems to be code for electronics.

Right now three builds have been tied to them.

KPD: Runner

The most common of the KPD’s build. this fast attack sprinter of a trike uses twin boosters to catch upto and tase any car that runs from them, armed with electric mines in the back and a basic plasma rifle they are not to be ignored. Thankfully these things ignore most people of the wastes only appearing in packs of 4 to attack a selected target the return to base.


Less common then the Runners Patrol seems to be well the main patrol car of the KPD forces, found actively roaming the wastes and defending those who request it. These ones are armed with twin plasma rifles and a barrier though these seem to be standard loadouts of anything stronger then a runner.


The rarest of the KPD vehicles and yet the most common seen on the battlefield. SWAT is a heavely armed version of patrol with more armor, more equipment and oddly enough more aggression. armed with the standard issue twin plasma cannons, the swat also has a 5 charge barrier and an argus. Generally in combat it is seen sticking around a target and protecting them at all costs.

wastelanders who have had these things as fire support state they have machine like accuracy and timing. Something that is disconcerting to most wastelanders after a few battles with them. Generally the support target simiply paid a patrol a few “cookies” and one of these came up stating they are here to protect and serve.


KPD is a ravager faction, an experiment by “warbrand2” as he was working with his merc build called otis and found reprogramming Ravagers was something one could do with enough time and well the right movies. Finding some old world police movies and training videos he went right to it. Oddly enough he failed in his own protection and got ravaged. Resulting in some of his unique brand of crazyness to pop up in the ravagers that are creating in his garage.

Each KPD vehicle has a brass dragon with its lights pulled out and replaced with ravager eye stocks some where in the build. an example of the one pulled out of a knocked out runner build is bellow.

The KPD vehicles tend to speak with a female robotic voice with a highly energetic tone. One thing that is for sure they hate standard ravagers, to the point that KPD units have been seen attacking ravagers on sight.

Combat protocol
note: data was transcribed from a KPD ravager “eye” from a Patrol unit found near the remains of a ravager patrol and structure of unknown purpose.

Protect the organics, aid any who need it, minimize death when possible. Disarm before destruction, shield the weak.


Unit is to patrol southern wasteland, standing orders to engage ravager forces on sight.
Patrol length 12 hours, return for repairs and rearm once done.


10:00 Patrol start
10:13 Engaged and disarmed lunatic raiding party, issued warning when one threw [censored] at vehicle.
12:43 Wastelander supplied cookies SWAT unit dispatched to support them in battle.
12:48 Contact with firestarters settlement, job request made, asked to take out lunatic group. complied.
13:52 Lunatic group disarmed and disabled, leviathan encountered, barrier supply depleted in encounter.
14:02 Hostile Ravager force detected, investigating.
14:07 Ravagers confirmed
14:08 Engaging Hostiles
14:12 Reinforcement request sent, jammer detected, request blocked.
14:13 fuel tank rupture detected, switching to thor nuclear back up.
14:13 Stackpoll OVERLOAD, detected in target.
14:14 Target destroyed… power supply shot, shutting down. I am sorry YIP.


Example of a KPD EYE in one of their vehicles.



Good read :slight_smile:


You put some effort into this nice, but the first time you pull over a woke or unhinged waste lander you’d be hearing “Defund the Police” like the unhinged and woke do in irl


Kobold PD has a response do that.

“We don’t take funding, only cookies.”


Maybe the “unhinged” would like police better if it was policing mass illegal fishing/poaching/wood cutting instead of gasing ecologist manifestants… Just sayin’. It’s not because there’s “police” written on it that it’s not a private militia defending the interests of the powerful.

I’ll fund the presence of police gunboats in illegal fishing zones sinking boats on sight all you want UwU

I’m not getting into a back and forth about “unhinged” and who or what qualifies for it, that’s what twitter is for and I don’t use that :rofl:

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Oh this faction is open to anyone who wants to join it. All you need is a build with a brass dragon somewhere on it, or a police/medic theme.

Note the more support utility in the builds the better.

Yeah. First time I am on the forums. Seems oddy primitive in comparison, but it is easy enough for me to understand.

He has a great fan faction, btw.


welcome! Yeah, this is Warbrands Faction. Good stuff.


KPD Sniper

Designed to take the high ground and give overwatch support, the sniper has a less advanced sensor suit compared to its frontline sisters. That said it is much more heavily armed. A Kaiju heavy rifle and twin barriers allow it to keep its position safe from any long range or counter sniper units.

Unlike other kobold police units no vocals or contact has been made with these units. Instead they are just seen above giving overwatch support popping shields when ever artillery sights in on them. That said This unit has been seen in pick up and carry operations with a as of yet uncategorized salvage vehicle. They seem to be scrapping destroyed ravagers for some reason.



A modification of the sniper variant the walker has more top space, unlike the sniper which stays away from conflict. The Walker walks towards it in convoys. Several of these walkers have been seen offloading supplies from their rear storage hatch to settlements around the wastes. The supplies are generally clean water, soap, and potatoes… so many potatoes.

Walkers are a common sight heading to and from settlements, though their area or origin is still not known. That said they have been seen basing at large mobile transport type leviathans where they collect supplies to bring to settlements.

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Resently one of these things rolled into a Founder protected settlement’s garage. Had access codes and everything and just started offloading potato’s and wheat. When asked what it was doing by one of the people there it simply state. “food shortage detected in this area, supplying food.”

IT confused everyone there as the Settlements farm equipment broke down the other day, no one knows how the KPD knew of the shortage that was about to happen. But it knew. After this encounter wastelanders have seen more and more of these command vehicles. Generally they are seen unloading supplies to other KPD vehicles restocking barriers and argus modules, but some times they are seen loading walkers with crates of food, tools, soap, and other materials to drop off at settlements. Bellow is an image of one reloading a SWAT unit that just came back from supporting A dawns member in a raid, said dawns member used a recon drone to follow it, trying to track its base.

the command unit quickly spotted the drone, and instead of opening fire engaged in a dialog, through the dawns units radio… two miles away. According to recordings a few details where learned in this encounter. the following small excerpts are of importance.

dawns: “What are you doing in the wastes”

helping those we can, supplying organics is needed to get cookies, which allow us to better serve those in need.

Dawns: "Why do you guys collect “cookies?”

“Cookies are required to make new patrol units, As such are the life of the patrol. Cookies are needed to protect the wasteland.”

Dawns: “Why do you call electronics cookies?”

Unknown, cookies are cookies.

Dawns: “what are your plans for the wastes?”

To protect those we can.

Dawns: “Not everyone”

To protect everyone and everything is to prevent life from living, we are to allow life to live not prevent it.

Dawns: “What do you think of the other ravagers?”

“Let them burn, I lost, we lost so much, so much, friends, family, reprogrammed, remade, myself… lost but found, must not allow spread… must not.”

AFter that last line the KPD unit refused any interactions with the dawns scout, other then warning them when their drones battery was low.

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