Wasteland of wonders------i'm still wondering,is anyone else? 🤔

what’s the point? i think it’s time wasted on who ever thought of this event,Nuff Said… :rofl: :kissing_heart:

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They must be testing some kind of thing, like a new type of token for something they will add in the future.
I’m a bit sceptical.
Containers, Christmas boxes, loot boxes.

I hope it’s not…oh my PTSD from older days.

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Just seems like a good way to make people do what they want…

Oh you want more raffle tickets? Craft an epic.
Oh you want more raffle tickets? Spend 200 coins
Oh you want more raffle tickets? Salvage a rare item
Oh you want more raffle tickets? Fuse any item

People will do it too… literally another coin sink for the game.

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Badges are not a plentiful as once was. Sure they can be earned still, However dropping 100 of them a day for a game of chance is far to frivolous use of resources for me.

LOL I said this in a different thread yesterday & one individual came totally unglued over it. Claimingsome
members on the forum were spreading a conspiracy :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:. I have never trusted a game of chance.

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Are you saying I’m unglued because I don’t think there’s anything nefarious about this event?
Seems a little extreme to me, but maybe I come across more intense online than I’m aware of.
I just don’t see anything to be suspicious of here, and I’m mildly frustrated with the tendency of many people on the forum to interpret every game change as something malicious.


I also have this view, I tend to play “Devil’s Advocate” when people criticize a game/development teams. A lot of people don’t realize just how much time things take, especially if you’re working under another company. And remember, the devs have to eat too, and with the way the playerbase is, things need to be overpriced, the more players a game has, the lower the prices for in game items can be. I’m fairly certain that most of the money Crossout makes doesn’t go to Targem, but instead to Gaijin. They need to live too, and you complaining isn’t going to change that.

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And again I ain’t no gambling man . Never have been never will . So the issue with me saying “I have never trusted a game of chance” Again you are the one jumping to conclusions of me claiming suspicious activity . I don’t & never have gambled. Chill out .

Gambling isn’t inherently bad but doing it a lot (or doing it stupidly) is. I think it’s fun to do just once, like with one or two crates with a tight spread of similar rarity items that’s purchased with in-game currency, but doing it with 100 crates that can give you common items or legendary items purchased with real money is stupid.

This is what I responded to originally. Sure sounds like you are implying there will be something fishy about the results.
If that’s not what you meant, my apologies!

Apologies accepted. :sunglasses: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: