Wasteland of Wonders


Of course, this was a well-organized event, there were already fixed (based on Engineers level) who will win the 25,000 coins and the other items randomly
It’s interesting how certain people never win any event they participate in. Is this true?
Respect to the exception because there are some of my friends who deserved to win! :slight_smile:


I submitted 50-something cats, won nothing. Didn’t really expect to. I knew about 6 people who did win, but I only scrolled the 500 coins list about halfway. To me the whole scheme was to waste resources and buy stuff you didn’t need, so, eh, it is what it was.


I submitted 105 cats, but no win


Got squat for 80 or 90 cats submitted plus wasted time doing the special tasks. The 4-man thingy typically take 15 mins each and when you prorate the rewards it’s considerably less than simple Patrols which only take a minute and a bit. No way the rewards were 10 or 12 times. So in the end it cost me to participate.

It’s a raffle holy sh*t do you guys cry when you don’t win the lottery or when you flip a coin? My god people don’t understand gambling and I don’t know if it’s sad or worrying.


I wish I had insider information, in an effort to understand the motives of the devs. (And yes, I know I won’t get that info.)

Were the winners whales being rewarded? Were the winners porpoises, being encouraged to become whales? Were the winners play-for-free’ers, and the lottery was an effort to encourage them to buy stuff in the future?

What was the breakdown of the winners by country of origin? How many cats did each winner submit?

Why did the ceramic cat resemble Alina’s avatar? (She’s the support person who said they could do nothing about EAC requiring Windows 10).

Was the timing of the event of any particular significance?

The plot thickens… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Lunar new year

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I feel that this event was a mistake. Of course most people won’t win a lottery but I see many that are very upset they lost. I think that asking people to grind the game for a fraction of a chance of a reward is not good way to go. Most other events are either a garanteed reward (free pass) or based on skill (rewards for climbing brawl ladder). This one feels very odd compared to the rest.


True that. It also feels as yet another insult, in this case for paying players, like boo-hoo you pay to get coins?? Look we giving it for free to that guy over there! And that one… and another, and hundreds other, couple thousands actually, but not you.
It looks like event was designed thinking game had like ~1000 players participating.
And in lottery you only ever buy one ticket, not damn week chain of quests, most of which required you to loose coin doing it. So I for one pretty much lost ~200. I just thought with all the “online issues” chances of winning 500 are close to guaranteed, especially doing all 105. And also just throwing tons of coins will also crush the market making it harder to acquire stuff for everyone else. This is supid.
Also remember how much they gave players for weekly crossout show and clash of engineers events and compare it to this… throw 5000 and 25000 randomly… What’s next? press-account giveaway lottery?


Exactly what I was afraid of what was up. The restructuring of badges before hand then creating the lottery of spending 100 badges a day for a “chance”. Draining clients reserves we all have built up for a rainy day. That’s my opinion . *Pokes sleeping bear with stick

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Guys, it is a lottery, and works the same way all lotteries do.
There doesn’t need to be any conspiracy, because lotteries work without any extra manipulation.
Most people will always lose, but the chance of winning will motivate many to spend money (real world) or spend time in-game (Crossout lottery).

Are you really mad that you were “tricked” into spending some extra time playing the game? If you hate playing the game so much, why are you even playing it?

yeah, its fine, dont worry about it! the game is pegi 12 or something right? its cool.

No, And the game is addictive. Sorry but it seems anytime someone mentions anything they think is somewhat questionable you are on them like a duck on a june bug. here’s your T shirt brother

Sorry just poking fun at ya! :wink: Lighten up bubba.

I agree 100%! And if it worked just like it does in the real world, then the people who can least afford to waste resources on it (NEW PLAYERS with next to NOTHING) must have seen it as a great opprtunity to be able to afford some decent stuff, and ran their crafting resources and badge pools dry to be able to enter as many cat statues as they could. And now, in most cases, they have less than they started with.

My overlying concern for the game is player retention. For longer-time players, blowing resources and buying stuff you don’t need just to get more cat statues was a drop in the bucket; but right now there’s alot of disappointed newer players/kids out there who feel the loss of hard-earned resources and coins, and didn’t even get a crummy sticker for their effort. That just plain sucks, and is another reason why I’m playing for free from now on.

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yeah and i dont want to spread conspiracy theories here but my step brothers sister used to work in skulas (an og crossout dev) favorite coffee shop, back when russia wasnt quite such a fascist hell hole yet.

and she told me, skula told her that poony4you is a secret dev and twin brother with mr monkey himself. mr monkey of course the “guy” who was ousted from this very forum and proven to be a gajin spy some months back.

just some information from a trustworthy source for my fellow self researchers.

it couldve happened!


From the sound of it there are more than one lurking .

I won 500. I won’t participate in another one, that is the first time I’ve won any kind of lottery, I don’t buy tickets irl.
Highly doubt I would ever win anything again.

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I noticed lots of new players won big prizes, some of my clan mates won 500 and submitted less PAWS than I did.
Scheme to get you to waste materials to spend more coins on them when you need the materials the most

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Yeah, I’ve played since launch.

It was a lottery.

Let me explain something about lotteries.

Each ticket has an equal chance of winning and losing. Just because you buy 500 tickets, it does NOT improve your chances at winning per ticket.