Wastelands Of The Apocalypse

im just gonna kinda ramble a bit about how i feel playing this game, since i have a good bit of time and cash tied up in it and that sunken cost fallacy is nippin at my heels
i will try to maintain some cohesion but i have a lot of thoughts on this one and im gonna be all over the place

when i first started crossout, i IMMEDIATLY recognized a LOT of it from the only facebook game i ever pony’d up for. Waay back in the day… Wastelands of The Apocalypse

Ivy XO and several other characters, the white squares in the build mode… it was all there, in a tower defense/RTS… was awesome…

and they did something similar there to what i see here: great game, unlike anything else around it… but once i hit that paywall, they demanded more money to play… and the game mechanics made it increasingly impossible to play without paying more and more for the same thing

i dont mind paying for my fun, i say: “No Money, No Funny, Honey…”

but there is a point where the price and the value dont match, and crossout seems to have blasted right though that to the ‘are you fkn crazy?’ point

i mean, we are talking about a game that, if really ‘dying’ as people say, would take a LOT lot lot of money with it…

…and the playing environment. I dont bother playing PVP at an even moderate PS cuz its just russian roulette with a semi-automatic, coupled with frequent, honking, courtesy r**es.
It doesnt matter what seemingly cool weapons they foist onto me though battle passes, season passes or what i can manage to craft or afford on the market, it never equals out

raids are just silly, good luck getting resources when the 12k machines hog up the points

Hell, i cant even tell if I suck, my car sucks, or everyone else is just miles better than me… often times my guns are stripped before i even realize it…i even tried droning (i know, but im a tactician, i got SOME results, although) gave that up REAL fast, after fusing a bunch o’ shit trying to make it fly… total waste, recycled all of it at a huge loss. It’s not the burnt resources that bother me.

While i have fun sometimes, mostly the game just frustrates me with obviously stacked matches (teeth kicked in for hours…) and a ‘gotcha’ economy that i will never believe isn’t manipulated out the ass.

how many players are actually just sweatshop grinders i wonder…

this is a scattered shotgun blasted here i know, but this is the stuff i think about when i think about crossout… like the curious posters that were in the back left (as you look out the front door) corner of the engineers garage until just recently, and the fact that the default garage is on a farm during the harvest…

i left Wasteland Of The Apocalypse behind because the money grab was obvious AND i knew i wouldnt really miss it, being on facebook and all (but i do kinda miss it). Here, they have really taken the obfuscation up a notch and it took me a minute, but i got that old feeling again. This game will be very missed by me, so i’m putting it off as long as i can.

before you tell me how much i suck or how stupid i am: i dont care what you think about me or what i have to say. i’ve read enough about this game to know im not at all alone in my observations.

I just wanna have fun without having to pull six dozen pinecones backwards out of my butt.

ok. im gonna go scrap-n-get-wrecked, i have two dozen still to go…

-Feral, out.


How long have you been playing?

And do you feel like you are always scoring low?

The game can be harsh. But also rewarding and addictive. I find it best to not worry too much about winning or being the best. You get resources regardless, so you can get new things to build with. Some builds are better than others, but even under performing builds can be fun, if you have the right mindset.

How did those pinecones get into your butt to begin with? :thinking:

He musta been hiking in a pine forest when that 4.8 earthquake hit NJ.

You have my thanx FeralScholar

The money given by you to Targem Games will most likely insure the servers stay up longer for us free to play players :+1:

epic trolling of the new guy, proud of you boys!

long story short, almost everybody feels the same way about it, just with varying degrees of acceptance.

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yeah, i know
which is most of why it hurts: doesn’t have to be this way

(begin edit
there are a million ways the game could have been made fair, we find a way to make fair contests irl whats the problem here? I came back to edit, as i was playing mechwarrior online im still perkin a bit over crossout… thinking about the different car builds and how that effects balance and game play and i remembered there is a thing called open or closed wheel. Thats a thought huh? Different leagues for different broad categories, centered around the kind of things that make certain builds distinct. It would take some imagination to properly conceive it, but just starting with covered or uncovered wheel would go far…
its whatever to me, idfc now but i dont hate anyone so much as to not at least piss on their face when its on fire
maybe if the game ever pops up on my radar after a long, loooong, cool down i will see if this shakedown ever quits
(end edit

i wouldn’t call the trollin epic… the earthquake joke was pretty good
but…i mean, i couldn’t have set it up much better…
the pinecones get there during the courtesy drapes, obviously…

so nah, just now, today, had enough
uninstalled (again) and the urge to play is finally beaten out of me, gonna pack up the console and forget about it.

targem and gaijin… how many of you have considered these names metaphorically?

Everyone legally and materially involved with this game: its management, officiation and ownership
can suck my toenail cheese for eternity
they represent the scummiest of the scummy
and i wish nothing but the worst on they and their house
may the stones in the ground seek to bring about their fall
may the air they breath understand its complicity and refuse its boon
may they burn slowly, sizzling fat boiling away
may they drown and be crushed, decayed and eaten from the bottom of the ocean
may their stolen gold bring endless thieves and villains to their door

(edit for profanity, i cooled off some more and i know how sensitive some of you pretend to be, also edied several times for creative formatting but it failed…)

I’m still squirming, just thinking about the pinecones. :grimacing:

theres no way for you to know this but i was being sarcastic.

you are one of many with very reasonable complaints who have passed by here over the years and its common for forum dwellers to reject a newlings complaints offhand. they bitch a plenty too about the game but they cant get away from it so they wont have it when some nobody gets his peepee out. if you know what i mean.

which all in all kind of grinds my gears so here i am, rock you like a hurricane.

also thank you doc for liking my comment and welcome back you old bugger!