Wave Defense Brawl

Id love to see a brawl with an unlimited number of rounds and no time limit, maybe with 1 respawn or two. Fight as long as you can and see what personal or global records you can achieve. Weekly leaderboard with prizes for the top 10-50 spots.

Thoughts? Anybody think theyd have fun with that? Like CoD zombies but crossout themed. Maybe with different factions to fight each week.


I like it

You mean Gronch 2019? wasn’t that pretty much what you’re describing, but with some mini bosses every so often

id rather have unlimited respawns so long as your entire team doesnt get knocked out all at once. itll have a timer till you can spawn back in unlimited number of times.
no time limits always a good thing, see how far you can get till your entire teams wiped.
unlimited number of rounds is nice to so that we can see how high we can get in that time period.

rewards should be based on how high we get in the waves. you know like scrap or wires or something. maybe the rewards can be multiples like scrap, batteries and wires. a mix of all 3?

Any such brawl would be aimed at whales. And seeing as Tard’em has been tweaking the game for whales this year (starting from the Radiance event, which was accompanied by a number of nerfs to wheels and buffs to hovers), such a brawl could very well happen, as part of this new trend.

In order to get the Globeduck from that event, I had to craft 2 Retchers and build the same type of space armor car the other 3 players in the group had. 4x2 Retchers got the job done, with perhaps few alternatives. I sold those Retchers right after the event, due to the inconvenient aiming.

I made 10K plastic in last summer’s Chase raid event. Early on, I played in a sort of ‘zombie mode’ for 3 days in a row - being tired to the point of fading out and back into the game. Yet I kept playing the raid for hours a day because I was in a group dedicated to farming that bountiful plastic (one premium friend made 60K plastic; I only had a premium from winning the Buggy contest). That raid was best done with a group of tower cars, 3 Gravastars each. Though I managed to be useful with an Incinerator car.

Based on my experiences from grinding hard those two events, as well as on this year’s developments, I’d expect the following, whether a PvP brawl or a raid:

  • A high difficulty level to earn resources worth the players’ time.
  • Expensive gear required for efficient grinding.
  • A full group of players with expensive gear as a necessary condition.
  • Available for clan groups only.
  • In the case of a PvP brawl, no lower PS limit, so as to provide easy targets for clan whales.
  • Available for limited periods during the week. So that if clan players wanted to have at it, they’d have to find extra time to make a full group in addition to spending hours each week playing Confrontation in similarly organized groups.
  • The season would be long enough to make farming the mode harder, but not so long as to make it unattractive. So maybe two weeks, but no more than a month. The rewards would include extra resources, maybe some uranium. As well as paints, decor, portraits, logos and backgrounds - but those would change from season to season, in order to keep the whales playing the mode. Because once they won all of the unique rewards, some of them might abandon it.
  • The purpose of such a brawl or raid would be to keep the whales in the game. So it won’t happen until the developers (meaning Alex) decide they need something new to keep them logging in.
  • The brawl could also appear periodically, a few times a year. When the developers (meaning Alex) decide they need a way to encourage especially new players to spend money to obtain gear for the event. Perhaps they wouldn’t need it as a permanent feature. By then, they’d have plenty of events to choose from as money sinks. Operation Ashen Ring was a one-off (ended 3 days 18 h early, without prior notice, making a lot of players miss out on some of the unique rewards), Operation Gozu probably too. And they may have a similar one in the works for this fall. But they’d probably also want such a brawl or raid that would require well-organized groups with upgraded expensive gear, and possibly exclusive to clan groups. More often than just one time a year, for the winter. Now that they have a lot of the playerbase hooked on clan battles, they can exert extra pressure - just enough to sueeze out a little more money. :wink:

I solo the events just fine.

its not the gun, its the player! :crazy_face:
all kidding aside though retchers are brutal weapons. yeah they are a bit awkward to aim with but once you get enough practice down with them they are one of the most damaging weapons in the game next to porcs. they are particularly good in raids like perimeter breach or in tight spaces so you can hit more of your shots.
i love retchers… when they are not being used against me by bots lol. but i couldnt hit the broad side of a barn door with them so theres that to :rofl: