We have readed abiouth another ruined weapon with new unbalced mod

we have readed abouth another ruined weapon with new unbalced mod.
i speak about arbiter and equializer.
you say that you whant to reduce maximum distance and optimal distace,. but before think to this have you try to use them ?
the answer is: NO
if you have tryed this weapon you can see that after 50M (tested in garage testing area with distance tag placed on bround) the bullet have a spred so big to put 15% of bullet out of veicle and is impossible to hit a smal zone for destroy wheel or weapon.
if you use at maximuma distanca 300m, 20% or less of bullet hit the enemy veicle and is impossible to hit a specific targht.
i not joke, go in you garage and try it.

edqualizer and arbiter is weak minigun and not do a lot of damage, but is compensate by long distance for disturb the enemy in cw (nobody use it in raid becouse is useless).

for use in short range we have fidget and imp that are more powerfull the equilizer and arbiter. dont ruin this weapon becouse some 2 years old kids cry for nerf becouse he not learn ho to build or how to play and they push only W like automa.

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yea the equalizer definitely doesnt need its range nerfed , it already has to spin up and loses its perk the second you stop firing

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The weapons are out of balance and internal numbers must show it is drastic or they would not be changing it. That being said, the driver behind the changes may not be completely and solely game balance. FOTM players are the real whales, not the accumulators/collectors.

Devs would much rather work on new content. Company would also prefer devs produce new content but for different reasons that could include buffs and nerfs to drive revenue.


Arbiters weak, how?


arbiter is strong for people that don’t know how to buiild and how to fight. if you assembly only with apperence parameter and only push W you lose 90% of game. i can play with cord and people that not study how to play, continue to lose.
if yuo think that arbiter is strong, do a build and try to use, i kill you with every wepoon and i not have relic.

P.S i’m not a skilled player but i’m better then 70% of actualy crossout player.

Play ballistic weapons on anything except hovers, and you will come to a new appreciation of how bad hitscan hover players are w/o their 5x acceleration when mashing multiple keys combined with the ability to do 3500 damage before overheating at 10kps. (3x arb + 2x fused seals & Catalina)

Sounds like I need to get me some Hovers.

A player who only wants to maintain the strength of the weapons he uses and ignores the balance

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Yes I agree, Arbiters is (too) strong in the hands of people who can’t build and only press W. Like, every hover omamori Arbiter*4 clan who DLed their cringe builds on the exhib 1 week after the meta changed.

DW, there’ll still be crutches to play (assuming losing pointless max range will actually hit OP Arbiter in any way)