We need 30 min wait to change factions not 24hr

problem is having to make items from other factions to craft in the one your in so its a next day you get what you want unless you spend money without spending coin its a game you can never have what you want within 24hr without$$$ which is a real kick in the nuts see a gun you want see a cab you want see anything you want 24hr wait or pay

now, with the Maj, the changement was instant

in the developer stream they said they will remove the wait time for switching factions entirely!


Also known as RIP crafting to sell on PC.

I suppose they concluded in that week long test that it didn’t affect the market too much so it was fine. But I think they didn’t give it enough time to see if it really impacted the market. Oh well. We’ll see.

It def didnt cause the initial fluctuation I thought it would. I guess once a parts cost gets low enough no one will craft it to sell. We’ll at least most people are smart enough to notice its a cash loss.

Didn’t we used to be able to switch factions for a few coins? I’m certain I remember either having to wait or paying a fee.

Wouldn’t that be a simple solution? Why did we stop doing it that way? I would have thought the developers favored an method like that, since it deletes coins from the economy.

it was for waiting for the crafting process,ie 15 minutes up to 24 hours…
i suggested in the old forum that faction change should be ‘on they fly’ and no wait time,due to needing diff factions for crafting.

im happy now with the instant faction change i can actually make an epic item in one afternoon after work not have to spend coins or wait till the next day