We need a 4 energy relic AC

Please make a legendary/relic 4 energy AC in the style of the storm/whirlwind/stillwind family and give them 600+ dura. 5 energy weapons suck. They stifle creativity by absorbing nearly all energy. Their hit boxes are huge and armoring them is nearly impossible without screwing their gun depression and firing angles.

Ideally, they change whirlwind and Stillwinds to 4 energy first and then release a relic. Either way, please give us a good 4 energy, decent dura AC.

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Nah give a legendary Whirl first. Ranged ACs are doomed to suck anyway because Scorps exists and Targem has no plans to kill the golden goose.

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Relic annihilator would be nice, maybe a drone that chases you down shoots flame’s and heats up parts or something, like a trombone that constantly chases you. I would call this relic drone the FireHawk

Your post is completely off the topic. Talk drones elsewhere.


M-maybe if it’s a sniping AC relic drone? :pleading_face:

I would imagine a legendary Whirl is just basic whirl with a little bit more hp and now the shells have the autocannon explosion effect in them that whirls/tempest lack compared to normal autocannons

Nooooooo please no explosion damage, that’s like, part of the identity of the thing :pleading_face:. No self-damage, and massive overpen.

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I would love this :slight_smile:

But I also would like a relic AC too.

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Sounds boring af.