We need crossplay

the amount of good player is really low on xbox, as a OG its really annoying to have players without competitive skill in my team especially if i run solo . I have to do 6 kill if i wanna win a single match. The random player in pvp they clearly don’t know how to play in team . They can have 3 players kapkaned right on front of them and they will never react.And nobody run with a doppler in pvp. And the quick chat in pvp is useless (regroup here ,attack…) the random player never listen.they play like Rambo .

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Why nobody reply on this topic, the game is dead we need crossplay.

I’m one who plays like Rambo half the time. The fact is, when I play WITH the group, I’m often the first jerk killed and land in the bottom quarter of the final score ranking. When I play “solo”, I’m running around from behind and try to surprise at least one enemy car, and it even sometimes works, especially in the 5-6000 PS range, unless I’m jumped by a small squad. I’m no great player and I’d never tell anyone how they should play, but I still enjoy the game and I think that’s the overall point to it.

Sometimes I’m the first guy to die but I still get mvp. My reaction? “what? Oh… Well ok…”