New forum community is better

One thing I have noticed is the posts and people here are much better then before. We have a few really bad apples, but for the most part it seems like everyone interacts with each other much better now.

If we can only get the last few in line we would have a great community.


I agree. There are lots of useful threads on the front page, and much more exchanging of info and tips than on the old forum.


Yeah, much better then before.

Just got a few that “REeeEEeEEEeeE, look at MeEeeee” and start fights with everyone.

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Everyone ran away… seriously, back in 1997 i had a personal forum who was 100% better then this sh!t. Lazyness reached a new level! Way to go Devs! (irony)

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Which is why there are posts like this?:

The new forum is dead and is worse than the old one because the few voices of reason have given up on it. Just look at the start of the new forum vs what there currently is:

Edit: This is the exact thing I’m talking about.

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The main reason ,why the game is dead on xbox.

By and large, it seems like people have been behaving better on these forums.

I prefer the old forum format though.


To me they both equal each other, I didnt mind the old one aside the black text on white background paper like theme which I hate, too bright and strains the eyes overtime. I agree it feels better. Like the ranks being gone makes it feel more casual and accessible for anybody. Sure it helped with rep and such but honestly it’s the content of the message that matter the most.


That’s because the new forums are dead and yet there’s still people causing trouble.

What kind of posts would you want to see?

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Actually good ones. What amounts to sh*tposts and wild claims are the most basic of posts.

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Create the content you want to see.


Although there are exceptions. It seems like users like to stay on topic.

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Of course if you nit-pick whoever is doing trouble youll find some, but so far this new site feels better than what I remember of the old one.

Also for the new community being better, maybe that’s because we lost more of the ones causing trouble than decent people or they’ve just became silent here.


Too bad this new forums is so wonky that even if you’d have the best userbase possible on it, I’d still look fondly at the old forums

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Staying on topic is not enough.

Because the voices of reason that everyone railed against have all but given up on the new forum.

Nope. A voice of reason calmly explaining while whoever just screams and yells isn’t the voice of reason causing trouble. Those voices of reason have given up on the new forum, leaving the screamers and yellers here for the most part.


Who are the voices of reason? Lol.


Seems more of the same to me… except the confused face 3 have been 100% identified by the fact they were essentially 3 of the first 7 people to flag posts here. Now those people are sidelined somewhat, so I guess that’s nice. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am unsure.
I have spend time to write a post for “new players”. I am sure there was nothing offensive, yet it is no longer there. I do like to know why. Maybe a few people feel they can’t use confused faces so they flag the post until it is on longer there. Some users are haters and their intention are very clear. Some hated others not agreeing with them and will do anything to try to get others post removed. Some, simply hated other players or the game!!

At this rate, I am not going to spend time to put anything useful to the game here because they are to be deleted. Haters win!!

PS, my post came back, maybe mods are checking post manually…I do agree with deleting unnecessary and offensive posts!!

Come on, we all see things differently. The correct way to play this game, is very dependent on want do you want to get out from the game. It is very hard for 2 players to play exactly the same way. If anyone start new, most likely he/she will try to use experience players’ tips and develop his/her way after.
We had players openly said they did affect prices on the game market so to stop or slow down other players to able to progressing for the top weapons. So CW was played and dominated by a group of players. This also affected the cost with real money to exchange for game coins.

Back to “Who are the voices of reason? Lol.” I guessed it is more of how much we can let go of what we do not agree with. :wink: