We need new bedlam maps

It’s getting boring with the same bedlam maps… I think Factory is the best so far… Dead Road is trash! Big maps are best And for ravager sake get rid of those invisible walls on stuff we use to climb on!!


If people like to waist their time in Bedlam, it don’t mater to me, they can enjoy the game the way they like.

But to waist development time on a pointless mode that only dilutes the population is not my idea of time we’ll spent.

Instead why don’t they just add the “Free for All” brawl back to the game.

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You know what? Wait a second, you can scratch my last statement.

I also think that we need to add more maps to Bedlam. I also think we need more modes in the game that do not produce any resources at all.

The “eccentric” people that hang out in Bedlam all day long can stay there. No one wants those guys in their team in PvP anyways.

So +1

To each their own… I do Bedlam, PVP, PVE… whatever I’m in the mood for.
Bedlam is a great way to actually get to look at other people’s builds without feeling like I’m ditching my team to do so. The thread we have here about cool builds you’ve seen in PVP isn’t as bare as it is because no one sees anything cool. It’s hard to screenshot that when you’re trying to not die & be productive. Bedlam has THE COOLEST BUILDS in all of CrossOut. It’s better than the exhibition. The Exhibition - unless I download a BP - is a static image. Bedlam is the vehicle in the wild…

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