We need to test our leviathans

why can’t we test our leviathan in custom games? Surely we would make much better models


I wish we could too. Mine only plays maybe once every 24 hours, if at all, and I never get more than 15-16 copper. Not really worth even putting it out there.

my leviathan brings in around 300 copper per day. But we need a leviathan to fight clan wars, they have to give us a place to test them.

300 copper a day??? Screw it, I’m dismantling mine and forgetting about it.

I had one build but after 2 weeks of it not even getting a fight I scrapped it. Not worth the extra button pressing

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I suppose there are three types of constructions, to play in the first second or third round. we have to build according to our inventory

My dream is that Invasion gets reworked as a PVP brawl (or special event).
I want to control a leviathan against human players, but I don’t want to play Clan Wars.
I also want to fight a Leviathan in a small car, and really feel the size and power difference.
If it were a 4vs1 battle, maybe the non-leviathan cars would need to have a PS cap? This is assuming there are no respawns and no bot cars.