We re all equal , but some people ar emore equal than us

Here is a small gift i have for you , to make you understand how equal we are to russian players :
yesterday in xo VK (russian social media , devs posted this :

Which translates to :

But Gaijin store TOS states that :

So essentially they explicitly allow russian players to use a VPN while banning european players who want to do the same.
the trick is if we use VPN to get prices in rubles , due to exchange rate and value of money , it would be cheaper for us to buy in rubles , hence it s forbidden. but it s perfectly allowed the other way around , despite gaijin rules.

Enjoy (i m making this available to a broader attention , but since i ve been accointed to the local population , i will just leave and not comment on that post. )


The vpn only matters if your trying to commit fraud against them.


and there we go XD
Did not take long , man i love this place
how about you read what is written first?

ok i ll help you since apparently you need help
“Disguise your current location” which is the base principle of a VPN

Do you really not understand the contract?

What they are talking about is disguising your ip via vpn to gain an upper-hand in a purchase via currency exchange. They don’t care if you just log in via a vpn. It’s only contingent on the purchase.

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i agree , but terms are “disguise your current location” ,which you are totally doing while using a VPN
moreover you have to use a credit card issued in the same country as your IP location

if you feel brave and not too attached to your acc give it a go
make a purchase in a country with a currency other than yours but with the same exchange rate you ll see what happens PS : farewell



Which clearly marked in the screenshot above.

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Shut down.

So they want the Russians to be able to pay full price. (not to mention being able to actually access the game)
So they want Euro’s to pay full price and not be able to exchange and pay less.

Seems (on the surface) like good business to me.

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I don’t see anywhere in the text where they are explicitly allowing Russian players carte blanche use of VPNs.

It says that services are unavailable to users with IPs that originate in Russia, and therefore are unable to purchase items in the store using Russian rubles. It then warns that using a VPN to change your region may result in different pricing policies.

If an entire region (country) of players are being blocked by Gaijin’s network provider, then it’s understandable that Gaijin may (at their discretion) allow players from that region to use a VPN as a temporary measure to complete purchases.

You’re trying to make an issue of nothing.


It’s the normal around here. You will get used to it.

the way I’m reading it. It’s warning Russian’s not to use VPNs. It is not saying, “VPN’s are okay for Russian’s”


That’s the way I read it too. I’m pretty familiar with lawyer-speak, unfortunately, and I don’t read a conspiracy in this. I like conspiracy theories, myself, but I can’t seem to twist this into one. I would if I could, just for the sake of argument, but the language is clear.


I’m in same boat on most case, here. I love a good conspiracy theory but, in this case, tossing fuel on that fire is bad for all involved.