Weapon abused in helicopter mode

That’s not because the dev put it in the game that it isn’t cheated behaviour, you take some shortcut really fast…What about gamepad assist ? How you called it ? An help for bad players ?

I found it also funny when people give their opinion about others people’s opinion hiding behing the advice of those who don’t speak instead of giving advice about the thread…in this way i found it wrong yes

Giving advice about other opinion is an oriented critic not a free speech as you said, we are not on twitter
Everybody is free to give advice on the thread and on the game not on how somebody write and explain his opinion.
Cancel culture doesn’t have any place here

Aim assist and the ability to use a controller is available to every player on every platform.

A player’s choice to use it is a player’s choice, not developers. The developers should be given proper credit for making their game accessible.

To Be Clear: The US version of “freedom of speech” or “first amendment” constitutionally pertains to speech about the government and what the government itself cannot control. It does not apply to private companies or individuals.

I do agree with the weapons listed, they are a problem. But when I play on wheels… somehow I think bricks are a bigger problem. And with certain bumpers, wedging is back.

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I’m going to use camera steer, aim bot, op weapons, camp in corners, idgaf. Play to win.

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Ha, this is not what you already used ? :rofl:

Duck hunt style…

I’m pleased because for one time we could get a party without bots :slight_smile: but only with starfall and gamepad assistance for most of them of course !