Weapon abused in helicopter mode

Helicopter is a permanent mode since almost one year and nothing was done to have balance weapons whereas when in the air the mecanic is completly different than on the ground.
Some weapons are completly abused in this mode :

  • Starfall, AC72, Cyclone, mg13/14, m38/39, reaper : because of scope of those weapons or because of easy assist, players used them by camping on their spawn and shoothing until Catalina reach the top, then it’s impossible to approach them without being destroy, the game looks like a duck hunt completely ridiculous…this is the most toxic build used by static players.

  • Parser : is a cheated weapon that can break helice in two shots, it can also break weapon without touching any other piece around the weapon, something is abusive, when spectating player with this weapon this is a completly non sense with the aim the player target.

  • Spark : played with 3 sparks and furtive your pretty sure to erase your opponents in 5 seconds, it falls to 3 seconds with two or three players stuffed like this. When you are focus with spark you cant turn to aim your opponent because of the debuff of speed, no skill just push the button

  • Caucasus : the non sense weapon, like spark, player turn around opponents until the end, no skill just push the button

In my mind Helicopter mode have to be dynamic not static like 90% of the game because of camper sniping since the end of the map or because of exploiter that break your game in less than 30s since the begin.


Employ counter measures like cloak, flares, etc.

But they did, thanks to air battles Caucasus is now garbage on the ground.

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Maybe some weapons could be forbidden in helicopter in order to separate meta ground / air
By multiplying mode in crossout it separate players, i think helicopter mode in a new separate game will have a better life for each others

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the problem was, they used the same balancing for two different set of mechanics, Caucasus it’s not the only case.
Or they do what you said, another option is making a ground version and a air version of the same weapon (cloning e.g.)
So far, the way it has been, the air guys complain about some weapon, the guys on the ground eat with all the nerfs…hard.
Have you noticed any change for the better?
Well, i didn’t either, only for the worst…

I say mechanics, one major reason for this duality in performance, air battles line of sight, ground battles not so much, simple as that.

the starfall IS an anti air gun after all you know…
i believe the cyclone is also an anti air rifle as well.

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Caucasus is only op in low ps air battles where enemies don’t have that much hp which is where i see them dominate the most, I don’t see them all that much at plus 10k ps air battles and when I do see them they usually get creamed and stripped very fast. Caucus don’t have much hp and has a bad weight to durability ratio.

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Is it because he wants to share his opinion about the game? If you don’t like the criticism of this game, don’t read it. :ok_hand:

I will leave this game to beat you, only frustration awaits you. :vulcan_salute:

  1. Client activity fluctuates continuously throughout the year. It has in the past & will in the future. Also spring & summer outdoor activities will also pull a majority of people away. Now for the month of May, the states had wetter month. Nothing to get excited about . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  2. The entire accusation that rotors are the cause is 100% bogus.
  3. AGAIN there are separate battle modes in Missions. That is the only activity other than Bedlam that rotors are allowed. Should you press that function and then complain about rotors, That a self inflicted dilemma. “Shooting ones self in the foot then blaming the gun” So the entire complaint about helicopters and the weapons is irrelevant and needless Foley.
    I digress.

However, they seem to be talking about helicopter on helicopter action, judging by his list of “abused” weapons.

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The concept of a rotary barrel cannon (Vulcan and Avenger come to mind) were made for aircraft. Accuracy through volume. And no, the gatling gun doesn’t count.

But getting angry at aircraft for using aircraft weapons is kinda stupid.

You can somewhat filter-out advanced, or undesirable, weaponry by using your build’s power-score, or composition, to play under it, or around it. This can be done with most any game mode, not just copters. It’s not a perfect system, takes some practice, and they keep changing the rules every couple months, but you can tailor your game experience to a large degree yourself, rather than asking the developers to work around your preferences by re-coding the game mechanics everybody else is depending on.

Experiment with different builds and weapons, learn to recognize matchmaking preference patterns, and exploit those tendencies to find a comfortable groove that suits your play-style.

Ya, it’s easier said than done.

EDIT: Game currently runs like schit (it’s not just you) which is probably why there is an incoming update.

When i was young i have the NES which is a 8 bits console, on this console i have a game called “duck hunt” i can play with a plastic gun, the goal was to aim the duck and hit him to make score.
Only two possibilities : you hit or you miss, very simple.

Today, around 40 years after, i play game in 4K on 64bits core where i can use around 100 weapons, i can build my car with a very nice mechanic, many statistics on items to study to find the perfect build, nice graphics BUT concerning most of the weapons i have listed, i can see people flying without moving only pressing their unique button, aiming (with assist) and waiting for winning or not. Same has in duck hunt 40 years ago, only two possibilities you hit or you miss. Maybe playing with a dice for these players will give them more happiness with 6 faces, many possibilities…

So yes i found it ridiculous to play versus players playing duck hunt thinking they are good with cheated weapons, i play with crickets and build is base on the movement because i only shoot from the front and most of game i finish MVP that’s not the problem.

Using cloak, invisibility or others only work for few seconds many weapons listed shoot with a small reload (if exist) so what to do the time items reload ? And why i have to be forced to equip those items in order to avoid cheated weapons whereas a player with two Starfall don’t need it ? I also need my energy points to have weapons and i can’t equip more.

@Wyle_Coyote : Because being on the ground give me more blues than playing in helicopter (so i don’t play on ground at all), i only play helicopter since it was permanent make me finding the ground too slow and not dynamic as helicopter , you have the Y axis in helicopter it’s completly an other game :slight_smile: So because i play helicopter every day i think i can tell what is going on in these battles and give my advice which can be seen has a anti helicopter rant. Saying “stop helicopter mode” is in my advice more anti helicopter than saying which weapons are the most used and why.

I want opponent players with skills, not noobs hiting their unique button assist by a gamepad because the weapons is perfect for exploiting, or cheated because of stats of the moment.

i’m fed up playing with bots too in PVP, so when playing against players i would like to have somebody that played, not a hidding duck hunter that thanks himself to be soo good.

The only things done is Starfall have been upgraded one month after helicopter released because players on the ground complaining (whereas Starfall was already too strong in helicopter), for more than 9 months now it breaks the helicopter mode, everybody play Starfall and it’s now a ridiculous duck hunt.

Doing something for this mode not looking ridiculous is my goal so i post what i see.

Here is how look the helicopter mode : 4 players camping with famous weapons, 4 bots rushing

Maybe you’re the one using cheating weapons, if you finish as MVP most of the time?
I’m half joking, but I think it’s weird when people who claim to be getting MVPs all the time complain so loudly about other weapons being too strong.

If you think you are speaking for lesser skilled players, maybe let them talk for themselves?

Here is a screen shot of my low PS helicopter build. Nothing fancy just a couple of Pyralids . I’m sure some may believe I am “OP” in some matches but, I have played this build over & over to master the weapon systems. The video you have provided looks as that build featured may be using Pyralids. Not an easy thing to use in a helicopter build efficiently. Just thought I would share.


I agree with most of the weapons listed from op. I’ve basically been using exclusively caucasus and cyclone ever since the mode launched playing at 12-13k ps.

LOOOOOL :rofl:
You can see how i play in the video, do you find any cheating things in my gameplay ?
Because somebody do MVP he can’t give his advice ? I don’t really understand ?
I complain about the fact some weapons are boring and drive to a ridiculous cheated behaviour of the game even if i finish MVP. Gamepad + assist with some of those weapons is a non sense in my opinion.
Everybody is free to give his opinion MVP or not, i don’t bypass the lesser skilled players by giving mine o_O you are really strange !

If the devs put it into the game, it’s not cheating. It’s just something you don’t like.

Of course we are all free to voice our opinions! I’m just voicing my opinion about your opinion, which is just as much part of free speech.

You are free to think I’m wrong, and I am free to think you are wrong. Freedom is great!

I just find it funny when supposedly skilled players get all worked up about other people’s weapons being too easy to use. You clearly think that other players should be even easier for you to stomp on.