Weapon balance history revision

There are so many weapon nerfs where I think they could have been done differently to enrich the game more and make said nerfed weapons more satisfying to use well. I think some weapon classes balance histories could be looked at and revised.

Shotguns are just the example here but the concepts could apply to everything.

Shotguns, the most overpowered weapon in the history of crossout, arguably still overpowered but kept in check by hovers and omamori builds. They HAVE to be overpowered because their only capability is raw DPS at close range. They have no secondary uses at all and no ability at range. They are extremely easy to use and build with due to turn speed, full auto, and size. I’m thinking about an experiment where they are given infinite range (along with pretty much all high velocity weapons), are made 2-3x more accurate, except they have extreme damage dropoff, extreme recoil, a much larger model, and a lot less turn speed. Make them semi automatic. Perhaps they would have extremely low magazine capacity if targem ever added a belt/magazine mechanic. Perhaps overheating applied to all weapons and increased the damage weapons received without stopping them from firing. Shotguns would not have an issue overheating because they have such low chamber pressure and rate of fire compared to cannons/rifles/mgs. Their thin barrel walls due to this reduced chamber pressure also means their barrels will cool incredibly fast.

These changes would aim to nerf shotgun DPS at close range while making them usable past ~30 meters, and extremely powerful as a decloaking weapon. They would require more input than W + hold M1 because of altered firing mechanics and having increased range that offers them new capabilities like psychologically harassing distant players, denying cloak, downing drones farther away. If my overheat idea was a reality, they could be tweaked to have a major advantage in sustained firefights because they do not overheat and take increased damage in frantic fights.

Remember when they spend ages to balance out the weapons, and then threw it all down the drain when they suddenly changed codrivers?

They are going to be shooting themselves in the foot over and over again

Lmao why are Porcupines 3 Energy Drain but they move the weak Hurricanes to 6 Energy Drain!!!

Porcupines need to move up not fair for them to have so many Porcupine

We are already Limited to Energy
Daze 3 energy Drain needs changing to 1
Power Unit 2 energy to 1

And Throw away the Harvester it no longer a Gold Weapon should be in Teal it no longer any competition when it needs to rely on a negative effect. It can’t fight in the gold gun league now

1 energy drain Daze?

Hard pass.

And while we’re passing, pass me whatever youre smoking that made that seem like a good idea in your head xD!

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