Weapon buffs and how you'd buff them

What weapons, or cabs or even modules, in your opinion need buffing, and how would you personally buff them? For me:

Executioner, give it either more hp to make up for the lackluster damage, or more damage to make up for the lackluster hp. Or then just change the perk all together, it never really feels like it penetrates anything or that your shell explodes at all after penetration

Clarinet TOW, two firing modes, press firing button to launch it straight forward without you needing to guide it, hold firing button for a little while and you’ll launch it like you normally do

Nest, just give them the ability to stay locked on to an enemy build a little better while preparing to launch, feels like if you and your enemy are not both standing on the same flat surface and absolutely still, your aim gets broken by a slight breeze of wind

Enlightenment, make it permanent until shot off by a teammate if it manages to attach to you, at the cost of being unable to fire another one until the first one or the build it was shot on to was destroyed

Flute, instantly after firing your whole build becomes near transparent for your pov so you can see where you are aiming and actually guide the rockets around with the new sucky camera

Astraeus, make the weapon cool down (or reload) just a little bit faster if you shot an uncharged shot than compared to when you shot a charged shot

Werewold cab, give the drone left behind 5 more seconds of active time, so you can actually target or go after people with it rather than hoping that your drone got stuck on top of whatever build killed you. The steering makes it really hard to get anything done within 10 seconds, with 15 you should have more time to orientate yourself and drive in some direction rather than hoping your drones front is facing where you think it’s facing after you died

Yokozuna, 70 base speed, more seconds to active time of the speed boost, make it for your own build only and forget the clunky helping teammates with a drone thing that nobody uses