Weapon concept: Plasma minigun, revelator


Based on the term revelatory or to reveal the unknown. this plasma rifle is a combo of a reaper and prometheus is a constant firing 8 energy plasma weapon that unlocks new features to power units when equipped in combo.

perk: When a power unit is equipped along side this, modes add fire damage or blast radius as well as their normal perks.

Gameplay: acts like a reaper with plasma properties has 450 rounds of ammo and a high fire rate equal to that of 2.5 phermetheus’s firing in sequence. meaning it does slightly less damage then a 3 prometheus power unit build by default.

rarity: legendary
HP: 600
size: same as a reaper
ammo: 450
power cost: 8
damage type: energy
sub damage type: heat or blast.

perk: when boosted by a power unit adds fire or blast damage depending on mode on top of the power units normal perks.

the main down side to this is it is designed to be a one gun, you use this you are not going to be easily putting on another weapon, sure you can put on another revelator for a twin use but then you would not be getting its perk bonus. but at that point you do have a superior DPS to one running 4 prometheus’s.

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