Weapon concept: Terminator drones

Terminator drones are a purple tier drone that deploys in groups of two, unlike other drones they are small spider drones armed with a special tier plasma repeater and a ravager themed look. These drones have a unique feature being you don’t get spares, but to compensate they don’t SD once placed and will stay on the field until destroyed.

Unlike other drones Terminators will act like a standard AI moving around the map by themselves and firing on enemies they can see. but do to their lack or redeploys and limited nature it isn’t good to go all energy into them, in fact you can not you are limited to 2 per build with each one being 2 energy each.


module size: 4 tall, 2 wide, 4 6 long (has two visible in its bays, they jump out when deployed. as such bays must be open to the air.)

Module health: 250 HP

AMMO: 1 round can not be increased

Module limit: 2

power cost: 2


Drone health: 75 + a 50 unit shield (shield recharges slowly)

damage: fires five shot bursts that do ten damage each

Drone movement type: walker, 4x legs insect type movement speed is only 25 KPH though, so place them well.

Special combos.

when ordered by Muninn cabs the drones will not be destroyed afterwords instead will go into a shutdown state loosing their shield for 7.5 seconds.

they can be boosted by either R-type or Hertz. R-type increasing health while hertz allows their shields to protect nearby allies, (their shields only have a small area smaller then the legendary module.)

Having a power unit on your build gives them the buff of what mode it was in when they where deployed. so longer range and more accurate, or faster fire rate.

Note: this might need to be legendary in rarity, and is more a fun concept for art builds and APC builds to have actual troops. with out having to completely destroy their own damage output.


I wish they would tweak the AI for wheeled drones, so that they stop trying to follow the player who dropped them.

But if not that, then a new type of drone would be cool.

Agreed which is why I think walker drones would fit that niche well. also with the copters the ability to drop in autonomous drones for ground to ground combat while you focus on air to air would be nice.

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I have seen some people playing grenadiers in air battles, and I’m surprised at how high they can shoot their grenades. I’m curious how they would behave if your dropped them and then flew away. Do they still follow you if you’re across the map?

the problem with grenadiers is if you do that they only get 5 shots. as they have to return to your build before they “reload”