Weapon idea: Dazzler drone

This 5 energy limit one per craft drone would be a flying version of the daze that acts similar to an annihilator drone.

Function wise this drone is deployed in two steps the first click deploys the drone, which you then lock onto a target once locked on it will fly to the target and deploy several electrical hooks that disable the targets weapons until the drone is destroyed. the drone lasts 20 seconds.

note these drones have only 2 ammo, and do minimal damage (2 per second) they are easily countered by anything that can disable drones, and even the argus will fire at them. Their main point is to punish over extending in a flank vehicle like a shotgun or melee.

If you have one latched to you, the easiest ways to deal with it is to either get out of the drone users radar range, or get close to an ally who can destroy it.


So Anni drone + your suggestion = you can’t escape or fight back. The enemy merely clicked once, vaguely in your direction.

Sounds totally fair and XO-compatible, I like that idea.

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This idea is trollier than a legendary shooting Kapkan but less Trolly than a black hole portal or an impulse gun that yeets enemies across the map.


completely fair as if you are getting killed by that combo it is your fault for being out of position or rushing the enemy alone. You would have died anyway.

thank you for saying it, i sure was thinking it, but wouldnt dare to actually say it. i dont really know if hes really 12, you know.

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Honestly I was sarcastic, but since he said it’s “completely fair” I have no objections anymore.

oh I was making a joke at your sarcasm. IT is a punish weapon, aka of course it is going to cause you to die horribly for doing stupid things. that is the point of tools like this. Will make flankers think twice before running into an 8v1 solo… even if it is rarely used.