Weapon recomendations now that we have AIR

This topic is for weapon and equipment suggestions. Now that aircraft are a thing. Post what you like, I will start with two one weapon and one defense.


rarity: EPIC (purple)
PS: ???
energy cost: 5
ammo: 8 volleys (2 missiles per volley)
damage: explosive piercing

Perk: projectiles move 50% faster so long as mounted vehicle has no flight parts, missiles retain lock on cloaked targets. (still effected by flares)

missile function. on impact detonates on the other side of impacted part.

LASER defense system

The epic version of the flare launcher.

Info: an always active defense that rapidly fires an Argus like laser at targets will overheat after shooting down around 2.5 missiles. max 2 per build no energy cost like the legendary version. only shoots down missiles in a 60 degree cone in front of its laser.

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Wouldn’t that be the rocket drone in example 1?
And can’t we already include an Argus or two in our builds? (allowing part rotation during placement would be good though).

Nope difference is mounting, the rocket turret is a ground to ground AT one.

And more options are always nice. I mean look at how many MG options we have that all do basicly the same thing.

My Fuse drones need little parachutes so I can drop them in from above…they should be re-skinned like flaming pumpkins with a CK for the Halloween event that doesn’t appear to be happening this year :frowning_face: Same with turrets and wheeled drones.

I was mildly disappointed that instead of steampunk Airships or Zeppelins appearing in the sky with this update, hovering aircraft carriers were introduced. This is not the the way. They can still make it up to me.

I think this is another good moment for me to lobby for the Toxic Bubble blower I’ve been begging for too. They could be just like they sound; bubbles expelled from a gun and float and bounce about for a time, but are explosive and mildly magnetic, meaning that they would have a gravitation field, that when a player flew/drove too close to them, they would be attracted to their hull, and explode, like aerial mines.

Also, anything that shoots pink plasma. Maybe like a low PS alternative to Chords (CK?) that would give sci-fi beginners something to enjoy and start their sci-fi journey into this post-apocalyptic hell-scape…I don’t care how they do it. I just want pink plasma. Because.

We know all factions are getting air movement types, lunatics and fire starters don’t have theirs yet.

I am betting lunatics will be small balloons that lift but have very slow control. While firestarters have zeppelins slow moving but stable good for things like cannons.

I can see their role in the air swapping on the ground they are light and swam, in the air they are slow steady and accurate.

also imagine a blimp just bombing you with fortunes.

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Dont play against helis. The devs buffed nothing against helis.They couldn’t even give existing autocannons their realistic elevation angles to shoot helis.

Yeah nah fuck off w/ ur fortune blimps. Go play WT. There are enough games that offer that aerial gameplay and ZERO that offer Crossout’s ground combat.

Yesterday I was surprised to find that some grenadier drones were targeting me in the air. Definitely seems like their range was increased, or maybe it’s just easy for them to target enemies in the air.
Anyone try turrets or drones against aircraft yet? Seems like dropping them on the cap might work in a lot of maps.

weren’t you banned for spreading hate?

Yep most weapons where buffed in some way, to deal with aircraft, hell even the cyclones have a higher max aim.

The biggest thing to get buffs where cannons and MGS though, those things all have better firing angles and… MGs are now the jack of all trades weapons good at everything but also not the best at anything.

Terratech, robocraft2, twisted metal. need I go on?