Weapon Skin Ideas

for all cannons

Glass Cannon Skin - because it makes the whole thing just that much more facepalm worthy! also when the weapon takes damage tiny glass shards come off. when the weapon is destroyed it shatters and sparkles for a few seconds.


Fuze Drones - nuclear detonation. because nothing says “KABOOM!!” like a face full of nuclear energy!
also Fuze Drones - a silly comic strip “BANG!” comming off when it explodes. i just like the thought of that lol.

Annihilators - maybe a little thunder cloud taped to the drone to make it look like a storm cloud xD

Rocket Turret - environmentally friendly rockets. maybe the rockets turn into carrots and explode into vegetables? xD

Flying Drones - maybe instead of the little helicopter blades they have 4 tiny hovers? (yeah im adding salt to the wounds hahaha SUFFER!!!)

Sidekicks - maybe a skin that makes them look like a ferocious fish or a tiny little dragon. just something to add a little more coolness to them. i was thinking making them look like the relic shotgun thats the upgrade to the niddhog. i think it would make them look cool. where instead of a shotgun its the machine gun in the mouth.

wutcha all think?

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All sound fun! We need drone skins!