Weapon suggestions


Can you suggest some obscure and great/ fun weapon?

I’m quite picky about weapon choices and i commit mistakes, two of them was selling gremlins for coins to build and selling whirls because at that time they made the same amount of damage that mine main weapons and i needed more coins.
I will correct those mistakes.
Ruptures, i found them not by accident but for necessity, and i wasn’t expecting liking them so much as i did, to this day i don’t get it why so many few people were using it (i’m talking prior to the perk change).
If they would be the same as before i still would pick them over thunderbolts or hammerfalls.
Drone apocalypse events are nice to get a notion of the weapons.
T.O.W. and fortunes are a must have, Reapers and cyclones too.
But i wonder, is there any obscure weapon that i would like as much as i liked my ruptures?
(don’t have to be SGs)

Why not try a set of Arguments they are SG-ish and the perk is great with the Hadron’s reload averaging perk.

Thank you.

Arguments for starters, anything else?