Weapons and move parts community balance suggestions

Ideas of others players are welcome but be objective and thinks about the game statuses. Thank you gamers :slight_smile:

For players:
Machine guns +9% damage, 7% fire rate.
Rockets +15 damage, +12% fire rate
Canoons +20% damage, +6% fire rate

For UI:
reduce damage about 27% and durability 9%.
more rockets builds, machine guns builds - sinus,spectre, autocanoons
more spiders builds

Move parts balance:

Gerrida 1 - speed on 60km, tonnage +1800, cabin power -14%, durability 530 points, mass 590 points
Bigram - speed on 50km, tonnage 1850, cabin power -17%, durability 700 points, mass 680 points

Update balance:

Thyrsus looks awesome but stats change needs. Damage 45%, fire rate 85%, range 55%, accuracy 45%, durability 1450 points, energy could stay 11 points, mass 2000 points.

Bonus stats no charges but when you aren´t hit your fire rate +15% - It will be good make it really big cool anti air canoon.

PVP should be separate statuse that don´t opposite to PVE. If someone suggest PVP statuse balance I will be glad :slight_smile: because I don´t like play PVP.

WASP’s -100% DMG… :nerd_face::memo:Check :white_check_mark: