Weapons combination

I know not all weapons combination work, and i am trying to use Whirls and or Cyclones, but for now i’m going step a step ( currently i’ve been using a Cyclone as a secondary weapon but due to weight limitations i can’t use 2 Cyclones, so i’m trying to use 1 Cyclone and 1 Whirl.
So, i went to the orb to see what drop in DPS i was getting mixing these two ACs.
Nevermind the Caucasus, it is inactive in all of the screenshots.
The results were consistent in the several tries i did

With 2 Cyclones

with 2 Whirls

With a Cyclone and a Whirl

Now in a distance to not trigger the whirl’s perk and in those cases the results weren’t consistent

What do you think of it?

They’re just very different guns. Cyclones have so much more useful range, and plus don’t they have explosive damage?

Whirls are much more for brawling.

But we always have to work with what we have, so if you can combine them and make something fun and functional, why not?

Personally, I would be more likely to try to combine weapons of similar type but different rarities. Like tempests and whirls. Or whirlwinds and cyclones.

Just about any weapon benefits from a trombone or two. Most weapons work great in pairs (or 3s or 4s), but when I only have a single one, I’ll often pair it up with 2 trombones until I get the second one.

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I’ve done that, both are similar (AC) of different rarity and both are for brawl.
Not only is what i have but for the moment i need the “training wheels”.
Even with Omni box i currently can’t lodge the Apollo, 2 Cyclones, 1 Caucasus and maintain my current armour.
I need to teak this build but my spare time i’m tweaking other builds and those are for PVP, earn their name and are the priority
But i can do one of each.
2 Cyclones did 2016 damage on the orb ( upper monitor )

1 Cyclone + 1 Whirl did 1008 in both monitors on the Orb ( practically the same thing, right? ) damage and blast damage

2 whirls did 2016 on the Orb ( upper monitor )

I wasn’t expecting that.

what’s the best setup, maybe whirls?
Lower PS and i could mount another rad or a cooler or maintaning the Cyclone for damage and blast damage?

You kind of skipped factoring in range.

I normally don’t use the scope, never did.
Mgs, SGs, drones

You don’t necessarily need a scope for long range.

If you are pairing them with a Caucasus, whirls would probably be the more logical option.
But that’s mostly because they function well as close and medium range.

Regarding your damage tests, remember that the explosive damage from Cyclones can make a huge difference. But if you aren’t really using them at long range, you’re not going to get the most out of them.

For the moment yes, shooting into that little red box it’s what i’m doing, with a single Cyclone i already almost double the triple Caucasus max damage in raids.

That’s what i’m finding strange. I know the orb has two displays, one for blast damage and the other for damage, with the Cyclones both displays had to show numbers, right?
The same goes with the Whirls, only when i use both mixed i have the two displays showing numbers.
Demount the Cyclone i could put an engine instead of a cooler to try to speed up the whirl’s rotation in some maps where there’s lot of running around ( like fortress), in other maps like rock city or founder’s Canyon or powerplant i can use that mix if there’s some kind of advantage doing so.

Using double whirls or double Cyclones the result is the same, 2016 damage according with the orb, even with the mixed version the result is almost the same 1008 +1008 = 2016

Whirls are pure bullet damage, no explosive. Which helps avoid self damage at point blank range.