Weapons nerfed by change megathread

A place to report your findings on weapons that now are worse than before the change with the road to singularity update, because it’s faster to share findings rather than test everything yourself

Yokai, the removal of the projectile hit damage has cut the damage from a hit on anything other than the ground in half, and even if you manage to land a good hit, feels like the frame changes have made frames be way more resistant against the Yokai, and other parts as well.

Basically you need way more accuracy with it than before as the blast now feels a bit more weaker against everything other than crucial parts, instead of landing near a module you need to land very directly below it, much more so than before, and the general module explosion reduction has also cut away at the effectiveness of the weapon.

Kind of like they rolled back a few past buffs basically

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Arguments have been worsened as well, the projectile size reduction of 75% makes it way harder to hit anything, on a weapon that already suffered from general sluggishness, now you won’t even get lucky shots with fully charged shots and require near Astraeus level precision with a lackluster damage weapon

In general it feels like the biggest L was taken by the explosive weapons, especially the missile weapons that “Removed projectile hit damage”, so cricket hurricane pyre flute wasp locust pyralid waltz etc

Purely explosion weapons don’t really feel that powerful now, anyone else who owns more of them felt the same way?

Cannons and autocannons seem to be doing very well, but not sure about grenade launchers like impulse and thresher, that were not the most meta thing to begin with

Not sure about yongwang either

It doesn’t feel week now. Especially with reload speed.

Emily is kinda grenade-based and it’s doing well, too.

Testing the cannons, I feel like the Executioner is now suffering from the same problem that fat man/hulk had in the past, where the light blue weapon (prosecutor) does way better than the purple one, even at the same ps. All non turning cannons are a lot better now compared to the past though

Fat man and hulk feel way more balanced now, where the fat man might even now be slightly better than the hulk, rather than Hulk being the better fat man

i see this topic more as monolog.

where only one person replied to you, telling you are incorrect about pyralid.

i hope you dont make threads to discuss with yourself only :slight_smile:

ofc always some weapons are nerfed with each update, but i dont think any weapon lost too much, rather some weapons were buffed since they were useless before.

Anyway after update what was crazy for me, but idk if it was before like that, is that executioner or some other cannon weapon passed “barrier” where IMO it should not. But again, if it wasnt before like that, its buff not nerf

It’s an open thread for anyone to give input, it is not up to me to make other people do that but to the people themselves

This is the only one person replying to you, I hope you aren’t doing a self monologue

Haven’t played them, but now that I took a break from D4 I will check them out.

Cannons seem pretty ok.

Hmm. I have played my Exe build, it melts builds. But it did that before.

Hmm. I will have to check these out also. I believe mine are fused for explosion radius.

Kapkans don’t seem to be working.

They basically nerfed almost everything - the building mechanics itself.
Gun mounts were weird before - lots of PS, really reliable ones are huge and chunky for no reason. Now they just work even less, barely even make sense.
They try to “slow game down” but all they are really getting is annoying heavy metas.

Snowfalls especially have taken a huge hit in effectiveness, they weren’t that great to begin with, but now I’d say they are worse than crickets. Crickets as well were way better before, but with these new mechanics and explosion resistances the damage reducement from Steppe Spider, already a wonky way of trying to make rocket launchers more viable, becomes too great and you don’t really do any damage to speak of.

Even when boosted by a harpy snowfalls still suck as much as pre-steppe spider change crickets

funny where you talk about META, still see 80% hovers in bronze/silver CW.

First wait to see how many what builds people will play.
Because for now i only see hover cry again that they are no more ultra-OP.

Game balance is much better now, just need wait until 80% hovers each CW game will change build to adjust into meta hover or change totally - not using Exhibition old builds and cry with loose. I already seen new hover META builds, they look much different and different cabin, not just beholder.

Also scorp hovers win ratio is outstanding. Just check some streams.


Why should anyone give a … about mode that requires fused relics for fair fighting chance.

Can you tell me the URL of these streams

I played some hurricanes and snowfalls.
I can’t tell if they were less fun than the last time I played them.
I will take your word for it and not play any of the others.

Whirls and Tempest are doing a lot worse now as well, to the point that the Tempest is way better than the Whirl, but both still suck

Whirl has some potential at a facehugging distance, but getting to that distance in a whirl build can be a challenge as these have no survivability even at their hp. Tempest at least offer a slightly longer range option, even if it still sucks at that too. Piercing change was not kind to these guns, like many guns it seems like

Not sure what kind of build your talking about? Something with wheels and whirls on top?

Whirls do really well boxed in on a bigram build.

Whirls are doing worse? They have full penetration now and hit impulse. And, if I’m not mistaken, small semi-explosion that affects more than the part the projectile hit.

I don’t think there’s any explosion, but they seem to be hitting a bit harder than before thanks to the penetration changes.
Definitely doesn’t feel like they got nerfed to me.

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From what I’ve seen recently I’m not so sure these weapons have nerf or buffs, there shouldn’t be a single weapon that had a stronger or normal ability before the update that was nerfed to the point of not reaching normal levels after the update, but some junk weapons still didn’t get buffs and they’re still junk