Weapons no longer rotate

There are 3 piercers on my car.
All freely movable.
Sometimes in the game, when a few pieces have been shot, the weapons will stop in one direction.
After a few seconds, or parts being fired, I can turn the weapons again.
It doesn’t always happen in the game.
Whatcould that be?
Thanks for your help.

i can think of 3 reasons for this.

1: a part is blocking your weapons from turning properly.

2: your car was in the AOE or got hit by a weapon / module that disables turning for a few seconds.

3: your generator got destroyed making your extra weapons turn off.

these are the only reasons i can think of unless someone else thinks theres a different reason?

Which shotgun stops weapon rotation? Hammerfalls?

yeah hammerfalls stop them for 0.5 seconds. theres also the daze module to, though im not sure if it disables weapon rotation. thats why i added it in incase it does.

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Its not a technical issue, its a game feature.

I play only 3 piercer or 3 maze. It happen when the 3 weapon in line. I have 11 points, 9 for weapon and 2 for cooling.

What for a game feature?

Most likely you’re getting hit by hammerfalls and it is locking your weapons temporarily. Although it is possible you might have been hit by a daze module.
I don’t think it’s that you lost your generator, because that would still leave at least some of your guns active.

The only other possibility is that your guns are so close together that they are getting blocked by each other. You can test that on the range. I don’t think that is what is happening though.

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Your armor could be blocking your gun barrels which will prevent you from shooting, hammerfall perk, daze module. Its some feature in the game and highly unlikely to be a bug.