Weapons restricted by photons

I was actually going to say this before but didn’t feel it was too necessary, now another laser weapon, we saw its damage in the video and it wasn’t very high, it was because photons would give it a damage bonus of almost any case close to 30%, if you make it balanced you need to consider its ability on photons and need to make it balanced after adding some damage, but that means the weapon doesn’t do well on other One way to do this would be to reduce the photon capability, increase the laser weapon damage and increase the effectiveness of the laser used in other cabin, but this would affect the effectiveness of other energy weapons that don’t heat up in conjunction with the heating, another, increase the laser weapon heating efficiency but reduce the laser weapon damage, this would allow the laser to be more effective in conjunction with the ability, but its own damage cap would be reduced

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Also, I feel that this new weapon is a bit ugly as an energy weapon, it doesn’t have the style of an energy weapon at all

Or you can buy Catalina. And you have to buy BP/other packs with Kapkans, etc.

Either way Gaijin wins, you… dunno, lose or something. This is a weapon indeed but it sucks.