Weapons suggestions

From MGs to SGs, then i needed something to vary… drones were a nice chance surprise.
While having several downsides they are appealing but they are not all equal.
Hawks - fast paced combat, excitement, sometimes we can chase, pursuit.
Sidekicks - it’s best to have a sturdier build to stay in the thick of it but it’s not a rigid requirement, sometimes they do wonders, very competent, sometimes they do well by themselves, they don’t pursuit, they are more ambush. But they can be equally intense…

Turrets, vultures are not for me i heard complains about grenadiers and Owls, mainly they are slow or the missile are slow speed and they are dumb.

I like Auroras, soon there will be a couple of MGs on the way. I have a couple more weapons, they’re ok.

Any suggestions that i may like it?