Weapons that need reworks, and suggestions

Simple topic, post two weapons you think need a rework and how you would rework them. Simple is likely better.

My two.

Aegis prime

What I would change: make it active at the start, and be a permanent shield with a 30 second recharge. Recharge gets slower and HP gets lower the more you have.

Shield would be changed to 700 HP and have a slight area increase.

reduces HP by 100 and recharge increases by 5 second per one added.

reason: As an active shield, it sucks compared to both the cab with a shield, and the barrier. While the barrier is on par for its tier. The aegis has needed a buff for a long time and is only nerfed to hell do to a few abuse cases which can be countered in different ways… also the fact it doesn’t block explosives sucks.


Change: add the ability to fly it in a 3d space, and increase its damage by giving it a tandom explosion. on impact does 150 damage, then pins 3m of armor followed by a second 100 damage explosion. This would make it really good against most packed and spaced armor. as well as make accurate shots key to its use.

Either that or or it gets swapped to special and gains the perk “damage increased by 25 per power used on support modules. (includes barriers and turrets).”

I don’t mind them that much as is but it is slightly annoying if the build has a lot of other functions going on. So I can see a nice bit of gain of function with that.

One of the issues I see is often when I’m using it is along with a cloak so I wait till it’s just about finished and then cloak while ducking behind something on the run. If it was always on I wouldn’t be able to use it like that as it’s visible when cloaked. Depending on distance you basically see the ghostly bubble.

So I’d really like to be able to turn it on and off even if it stayed in that state until I change it again. I’d like it to be able to retain it’s current charge state though. So if I turn it off with 70% of it’s shields hp left when I turn it back on it still has that 70% of the shield hp.

Personally I kind of like the distance and speed based recharge methods. It builds it’s charge up as the player moves around. That method has good synergy with some existing stuff: Cheetah, Hertz, buggy wheels, bigfoot, petrel rotor… It’s one of those ones that you learn early in the game and most players are some what familiar with it. Like atoms will build a charge of 10%:1sec at max speed.

The idea of having a set shield hp value and having it decrease that value with the more you have doesn’t really make sense to me. Increasing the recharge rate does make sense as your charging more of them. What I’d do instead to get rid of potential for abuses is not allowing a player to individually cycle through them. So they are either all on or all off making the only benefit to having more of them is an increase in area of coverage. That’s usable with big or small builds but will scale accordingly.

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Hmm so make it distance based charging, with a slower charge the more you have?

Would work really well especially if remove the shield HP goes down the more you have. with them being active 100% of the time until discharged it makes sense.

Actually on that line of thinking they should work like atoms. starting uncharged but as you move they charge up and activate. once active you have a 700 HP shield that covers a good area of the build, once destroyed though you have to charge it again.

would make it really useful for copters and lights, while heavies can make a build around having 2 or 3 of them getting a huge amount of shield but at the cost of a really slow recharge time.

Right but they have to be all on or all off at the same time or it runs into the same abuse issue as before which was kind of sad and limiting to their usage.

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Gungnir, the perk itself is super flawed as the accuracy can be achieved onto any machinegun with tap firing, without costing any dps like on the gungnir as the rate of fire slows down in exchange for the accuracy. And if someone needs a dps weapon they don’t need to tap fire that is also super accurate, Adapter exists. If they want to just keep firing at an enemy, miniguns exist. Absolute failed concept especially when compared to the legendary version Nothung that is still super op while nobody uses a Gungnir

Either any perks that tap firing weapons brings needs to go, making the Gungnirs own perk be any kind of worthy (highly unlikely) or they need to give it something else or rework it. Just extra accuracy is not enough, especially when you can get the same effect onto any machinegun with the use of an accuracy cabin, a codriver for accuracy or simply tap firing.

Even if this gun was added as a handicap weapon for people who can’t use their fingers properly, Adapter still exists and requires no radiators or coolers.

No idea how to fix it because it was originally 100% battle pass bloat to make it look like a pass had more parts than it really did

Actually it can be easily fixed with out changing much, damage increases as fire rate decreases, so your DPS goes down but your DPH goes up.