Wedge mechanics solution

Wedging is still annoying. The devs never could figure out how to stop this. I have a simple solution. When the game senses you are on top of a build for more than 5 seconds, allow the use of carjack. Have a prompt come up to flip the car and allow us to hop off the build. Easy, problem solved.

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Or maybe damage the wheels because they carry too much weight?

I haven’t seen a traditional wedge in game for quite a long time, other than old bots.
I feel like the existing wedge fix has pretty much worked. Yes, you can still wedge people, but the loss of power makes it a last resort strategy, rather than the go-to it used to be.

I miss 10kg firedogs whisking away 24kg bricks at 120 kph honestly. It was wonky, but it harkens back a time when most everything was viable. Slow hammerfall builds, aspects, tsunamis, firedogs, the rare scorpion or porc player, epics galore. It was faster pace and more arcade-y, but that was a good thing imo. Sector 17 when it was actually a fun unqiue map. Ah, the good old days :cry:

I play wedges almost exclusively since the so-called “wedge nerf”… Legit the only thing it did is make everybody play something else lol. Wedges are still wedging like it’s day 1, and I can finally enjoy this wonderful feeling, now that it isn’t the dominant strategy (because I’m a snowflake like that)


I usually don’t bother with whatever the current meta is until after it gets nerfed. Usually it’s still playable after nerfing, just not as OP as when they were popular.
But yeah, wedges still work, but they’re not nearly as ridiculous as they used to be. As long as they aren’t as ubiquitous as they used to be, they seem fine to me.

I’ve noted an increase in people requesting my wedge build tho, and I’m willingly sharing it. I somwhat expect to play a mirror match one of these days xD


my absolute best confrontation build is my wedge shotgun build, 2 gravs on omamari im breaking 9k points weekly with ease :smiley:

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heating enemies up sems to reward crazy amounts of points. Tried Inci a bit, it scores really high. Maybe that’s part of why your grav build scores so well? 9k confront points on CC only is crazy good. I usually barely break 8k, but I’ve scored north of 2k points/game with Incis, just don’t have the opportunity to play them with my clan.

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Oooooo I never thought about the heat giving off points thats probably why haha. I mean they do cause alot of damage tho, close to 3k points sometimes but no score. o_O

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I think heat (and cryo) can generate a lot of CC points because they damage every part of a build.
If those parts are later destroyed, you get points for all of them.

Are you sure you are playing crossout and not posting in the wrong forum?
Wedges are present in every pvp game, and loss of power doesnt mean much while you are under your enemy chewing him up while he cant shoot back.

Are you talking about traditional shotgun wedges?
I pretty much never see them at the PS ranges I play, and there was a time a few years ago when at least half the wheeled builds would be nearly identical wedges.

I just caught this, theres a power loss when wedging someone? Does having an engine reduce this power loss? I have a wedge shotgun build (that I havent seen too much of) running fin whale with buggy ST wheels I can pick any size build on top and carry them wherever aha…

I believe it is related to how much spare tonnage/mass limit you have, and how heavy your victim is. You’ll find yourself going slowly for a few seconds after getting under someone.
Currently, inertia seems to make a big difference too (ie. your own mass and speed).

I think mass matters more since the changes came into effect. I think i inflict more melee damage on average at slower speeds if my build is heavy.

Mass always made a big difference, but I think you are right that it’s been cranked up.