Weekly Battlepass challenges did not refresh

So i did all battlepass seasonal challenges i could for last week. So yesterday was refresh time for all the weekly “Main” and “Additional” challenges. I waited for the time to come and get all those new challenges to advance in my battlepass… and nothing. Challenges did not refresh at all. Zero new challenges.

So now i’m sitting with zero seasonal challenges to do, and the next refresh is in 6 days and a half.
I paid for the battle pass and now i can’t advance because the missions didnt refresh.
What’s going on here? Is this a bug?

Put in a support ticket and let them know:

I already did that. I’m just commenting here to check if other players are having the same issue, or if maybe there is some reason i don’t know about why the challenges did not update in the weekly refresh.

It bothers me because i paid for the battlepass, and now i have some vacation days to rest from work and i wanted to play and advance through the battle pass to get the cooler rewards.

Now i’m stuck here and can’t advance a single level on a battlepass i already paid for.

I can understand that, it would bug me too if I hadn’t gotten mine. No idea why it didn’t update for you. Hope they can fix it for you soon.