Weekly complaining about weapons the devs are trying to pretend do not exist

That have been made more obsolete or mostly obsolete by whatever changes they’ve done to the game

Like the TOW and Flute, both struggle in the more mobile and faster crossout, and Flute especially got really done dirty by the camera angle changes, loosing a lot of mobility. The least they could do is increase the speed of the flight of Flute rockets by a little, to further be able to hit enemies as most use on this missile is nowdays shooting mostly straight or straight up and then down. Gone are the days of maneuvering your rockets precisely to pull off tricky shots.

Not to mention they are so slow that unless you sneak up on an enemy (impossible because of the lasers) they’re going to be shot out of the air or even before they can fly at all, especially by starfalls and cyclones which totally are not spammed in every match. If they flew any faster, they might be able to be maneuvered so that a few survive. And the flight speed can’t even be effected with fusions, that is how old the specs on these things are, all you can do is give them +15% turn speed but already with the closer to car cameras that came with supercharged if I remember right, make it quite impossible to make proper use of precise flying of these rockets.

And everything that could have been said of the TOW has already been said so many times, it is just there as a testament to how little the people in charge care.

There’s a lot more of weapons left in the dust on genuine purpose rather than any level of incompetence (I refuse to believe the people in charge of this game are such fumblenuts), but those two should get the thread going for now

Why do you think it’s on purpose? Like what would be the motivation?

Seems more likely that they’re more focused on adding new items and tinkering with the larger mechanics of the game, and have neglected older weapons that were over-nerfed.


its cuz little bitch boys cry nerf nerf nerf buff buff buff nerf nerf buff nerf buff buff and the devs r probably fucking sick of hearing it constantly for 7 fucking years, cuz i sure would thats for damn sure


You are a real big tough killer calling every1 who has a balance complaint bitch boys with an H2 pfp.

I imagine it being difficult for the devs to balance all of the weapons. Especially for a smaller dev team.

TOW needs a buff though

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In this post, the OP posted a 3D model based on lucashc90’s suggestion some 3 hours later. Is this a Crossout developer teasing work in progress and reacting to a player’s suggestion live? Or is it my wishful thinking and the OP is just a player?

In my comment in that thread, I asked if they were going to give us similar structural parts to those they were going to make into bumpers. Two days later, they said in a news post: “We decided not to transfer a number of structural parts to the category of bumpers.”

Ram damage and changes to energy consumption and energy supply of parts. Second test

Ram damage and changes to energy consumption and energy supply of parts. Second test - News - Crossout

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or the OP is a developer, and he read my comment and relayed the conclusion to the rest of the dev team. Or the issue was obvious to anyone, resulting in the suggestion getting scrapped.

The least they could do to the flute is give them back their impulse, I do not know if it was specifically nerfed at some point, or it lost it along all the changes to the game ever since Flutes were added, but you could really punch someone from the side with 6 of these and sometimes even knock their build onto their side. And it was about as effective on hovers as a toadfish was at one point, or close to it.

It was almost in the same league as spikes and toadfishes with disrupting enemies at one point, and in the current state of the game it could really do with that kind of a boost as missiles in general do not do any damage to speak of no matter how many seconds of flight you get on your flutes.

Driving a fast wheeled car and missile-punching hover builds on the sides or sometimes even uppercutting them was extremely fun, but then again a lot of things were straight up more fun and enjoyable before supercharged and all that followed

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