Weekly weapon quality of life improvement thread

Charging for firing is already a dead in the water kind of gameplay in crossout, it already was a huge hindrance even before the game got as mobile and fast paced as it is today. On the Astreus it can be somewhat “justified” because it can still fire a normal weak shot, but on Waltz it’s not. The weapon does not do so much damage it needs such an artificial limiter on how effective it is. It should fire like the Helicon, when you push the button, rather than needing to “spin up” the gun and waste 6-10 straight seconds with your finger squeezed on the firing button and managing to not fire a single volley of rockets because of the terrain on top of enemies and teammates bumping into you and interrupting your guns attempting to get any rockets out while they get stripped right off. Honestly I would not mind if they had to double the reload time to make that change, these guns actively hindering the player from even managing to get any rockets to come out of the gun is just a humongous downside.

Even the flight path of the rockets is not as big of a downside as the mechanic for firing these rockets, even if sometimes the rockets spinning causes misses. Even the Helicon straight up abandoned this way of firing, even if it clearly is a relic Waltz. Just so that people would actually use it. That is how bad of a downside, not to mention how hard it makes general aiming with these things, no matter how good you get at it. On top of your own builds movement needing to be insanely stable, especially if you have any kind of armoring on these things, it also needs the enemy to be somewhat stable rather than doing a lot of movement so any omnidirectional movement part throws they way off, even if you were using same kind of movement yourself. I’d take any nerf they’d give it if it meant that they would just fire normally instead of this whole hold the fire button and pray you don’t bump into anything or anyone bumps into you so that you can actually maybe manage to fire your weapon

Second up, Vultures, they just straight up suck, and because they do not have enough live time they can’t be used at all like they are intended. They need to be able to stay alive a bit longer after being deployed and awaiting for an enemy all invisible, the life time of these requires you to toss them way too close to the battle or enemies rather than doing any trap laying, at which point a Yaoguai does everything the Vulture would do but at a lower PS and much better. Make them be usable as actual stealth traps rather than an awkward yaoguai that doesn’t really work.

Enlightenment, for an anti invisibility module it really can’t do anything at all to hinder enemies for the most part, just like the Vulture it just does not have enough live time to be any form of hinder to an enemy. And it blocks the use of invisibly for 6 seconds. That’s way too low of a time to make any difference in-game. To even begin being any form of a considerable part, it would need to 1. Be able to pursue enemies it has locked on to after it has been fired even if they activate invisibility, 2. instantly take an enemy out of invisibility it hits, if the enemy is invisible, and 3. have a life time of at least 30 seconds unless shot off by a teammate. Now it’s an actual threat to builds using invisibility modules. To counter people spamming them left and right, if an enlightenment has shot a rocket that has successfully attached to an enemy, the gun won’t start reloading until the shot has either ran out of live time or been shot off by an enemy teammate, so it’s 1 enemy hindered per 1 enlightenment, rather than being able to use 1 enlightenment to keep lots of players from using invisiblity

Is yours upgraded as I’ve never had an issue with the BP upgrade version. Similarly I never had an issue with dmg unless I’m missing more then 1 rocket hitting from each one. I do find it flimsy though and it’s not that easy to hide as it clips so easy.

I think mine left the garage all of maybe 2-3 times, same with yaoguai. I like the concept of both but never found them very useful for the amount of energy it takes to use them.

This one I’ve always had issues with. My biggest issue with it isn’t what your stating though it’s that it costs 1en and still requires a secondary radar or detector to really start making use of it. That kind of makes any use case for it requiring 1 to 2 energy to 2 parts. I would give it a built in radar with a remote tracking beacon that extends the range and shows even if an enemy is in cover this would at least reduce parts to energy cost of using it. I think just increasing the time it disables cloaking would be fine but matches aren’t that long to start with so I’d probably try something else for the time cycle.

Perhaps allowing the disruption of cloak function to activate periodically like the enemy gets hit and it disrupts for 10 seconds then turns off to charge for x seconds, then disrupts again for another X seconds in cycles till its removed. Then it kind of makes sense if it can decloak an active cloak rather than allowing it to follow a cloaked target which makes a bit more logical sense as far as tracking goes.

The broadcast of location data should be to the entire team as well, regardless if it’s in a disruption state or not. I’d also get rid of that beeping sound it has when its attached to a build maybe use a graphical notification instead like a strange periodic shock around the build.

Yeah it’s the ones from the battle pass, which only offer faster reload rather than getting the rockets to come out of the gun faster. I checked the fusions for it and of course they’ve got a -20% charge time fusion for it, which possibly makes this gun function more like it should as a norm. Or if the trajectory of the rockets bothers anyone there is a fusion to minimize that too. Once again just artificial suckiness on the gun for the sake of making people waste money with fusions

Could not find any with said fusion on the exhibition to try out just how much more better it makes using the guns but I am suspecting it’s a lot better with the less time needed to charge up the gun for it to fire

Only time I could make any use of these was on a build using 4 in total, and even then that was just to make up for the lackluster live time of the drones. With 4 it felt like I could make good use of 2 drones because it allowed me to keep drones at the ready at places much more realistically, but the PS was high and performance was worse than 3 Yaoguai

I think it’s suffering from the same problem as TOW and Vultures, as in the Devs made it and then won’t address any of the issues and pretend it does not even exist

I’ve just never had the same issue with them, I might just be use to the delay though. To me it’s just a durability issue with them, that has me use them less then my crickets.

Maybe they would work better if they got rid of the periodic drill dmg and just made them do more explosion damage. They’d have less of a chance of being shot off or knocking the part they are attached to off before the boom.

It might just be a case of them putting out a part with the function some people were asking for (anti-cloak) at the time and saying that should be good enough. The tow they actually had nerfed at some points.

also on top of this once they target an enemy they come out of invisibility which enemies will instantly target them and destroy them because bots ALWAYS target drones as a priority. it makes drones next to useless in pve settings.

agreed because that new cloak module can go for 30 seconds as well so this would help a bit.

i used the waltz once and never went back to it. its just to awkward to use.
also the kaiju is practically useless as well, with its long reload time and even longer charge time… sorry but its just not worth it.

3700 letters in only 4 paragraphs is not user friendly Kohtupora_69,
not many people like to read walls of text

I think it’s firing and perk are just fine.

Needs it’s durability doubled.

Then the people who don’t like to read walls of text won’t read the wall of text and the people who don’t mind reading a wall of text will read the wall of text it’s not rocket science

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Charging is, currently, a necessary balancing component for high damage weapons like Waltz as it makes it more difficult to simply poke out of cover, take a shot, then go back into cover, same reason that Snowfalls, Mastodons and Kaiju requires charging. (Although I’m not sure why this applies to Varuns…more on that later) But with the upcoming inertia changes to hovers and gerrida, perhaps some of the charging speed and reload speed could be swapped as lengthy charge times shouldn’t be as necessary.

As for other weapons:


They’re actually not that terrible, but they really should be changed so where they dont target mines or other drones. Its plain out ridiculous that I can toss them to nearby suspected enemy paths…and they attach to some random king mine.

Other than that, Im actually glad they require some thought as Yaoguais are far too forgiving to use.


This needs more than QoL improvements, but since that’s the focus of the thread:

Make rounds automatically detonate if they was to leave the build otherwise, if the game engine allows for this. (same to other piercing blast weapons) I’ve found that Ava has a rather annoying problem of overpenning.

The shot lands, goes through and explodes on the ground/wall on the other side of the target. Sometimes, this doesnt even mathematically make sense so im quite sure there’s some kind of bug going on as well unless it has some inherent true pen properties that’s not listed. (As ive seen 500+ damage overpens. Even with Falcon, piercing % upgrade AND Humpback…it should detonate once 435 dmg is reached)


With its rapid firing 100% piercing shots, Varuns are not weak but I don’t see a reason for a weapon like this to have charge mechanics. It makes them literally unhealthy to use. Remove charging but make the perk require actual hits (similar to Spectre and Jay) to help keep it balanced. Fire rate would have to be lowered as well otherwise this would make them completely busted even with the perk adjustment.

Not to mention the way it fires is so dependent on having a good connection so at least 1 per match you manage to mess up the rhythm of firing because of a random lag spike or random split second server aneurysm. Makes it very infuriating to play at times

True, I wish there was some boost to using it as an actual somewhat long range weapon than a facehugging one, but it just feels like it performs way better as a lance rather than a fat man even to this day as they kept increasing the self damage from the explosion, to no help

Phoenix bolts are way too easy to shoot off on top of it being an extremely sluggish weapon, most of the times they are shot off without anyone even specifically trying to shoot them off. I’d suggest that they are only shootable by teammates but not the specific player the bolt is attached to, even if that means slower rate of fire to balance it out

Or then they need to just explode faster, but even with the faster explosion fusion they just do not explode fast enough, especially in the current extremely mobile state of the game. I’d argue it’s as much of a relic of the past slower general gameplay as the TOW is

And I am not sure about this, but I hear there being mention that it can be shot out of the sky as it is flying, just like a homing missile can be. It sure feels like it from time to time and if it is so, that needs to definitely be changed because of the current bulletspam state of the game

I like chargeup. It feels like all my subconscious goes straight to aim when I click and the shot is timed to break at an absolutely perfect and repeatable point in the future and all I have to do is hold the button down and aim wheras I can just hesitate too much when I gotta aim, decide that perfect moment and click. Instead its just click, aim, and the shot breaks itself if I’m in rythym. Maybe I squeeze the shit out of my mouse when I fire, or I’m not ads’ applying downward force on RMB and so that throws my mouse movements off. Idk but I got enough Astraeus clips for somebody to make a case of me using humanized aimbot.