Weird glitched battle

This patrol battle had 6 people instead of 8 like it should’ve:

also plz ignore my bad score I was using an avalanche heli. :sob:

This battle result was no glitch! :smiley:

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It takes some time, but you could get good with it (I’ve got 4 air kills with an ava heli)

I’ve had 5v7 and 4v4 pvp matches before… idk what happens with their matchmaker

Likely were disconnects before the teams were finished sorting. It happens on PC every now and then.

It’s kinda funny, the 4v4 was a clan of 4 vs our 4… we got to basically play Confrontation on Rock City


Put that on the “rare scores” topic from a while back :laughing:

After a long win streak, the matchmaking system got fed up w my group of 2 and threw us in a literal 7v9. I’ll post the vid/ss later. No leavers, just 9 red names on the other side of the screen. XD and this wasn’t patrol this was PvP.

Anyone else experience this lately? This happened just 2-3 days ago.