Well, Maybe I'm Making Somethin, and uuuuhh Maybe I'm Not

uranium ore 2

Judging by that image you’re either hinting at making a relic or a pornhub video!


Solely in the interest of keeping the record straight, no, I do not make porn. And no, I’m not making a relic in-game.



The LA Diesel cartoon has been out for 2 years now…the porn jokes got old back then.

Yeah! Boobs!!

I’d like to say they never get old, but my wife and I are now senior citizens.

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What a tease

So no relic or naughty business but you posted that image that has uranium and an exposed breast…
But you’re not making either…
Kinda like if I took a picture of myself next to a Burger King meal and asked guess what I’m eating but when someone said, Burger King, I replied Nah, I’m eating KFC …

I’d take breast jokes over the dumb stuff people think are jokes nowadays days, I be happy if I didn’t hear another female comedian complaining about her cramps and call that joking … or I vote for this party but you vote for that party duh, duh, duh, jokes


How dare you?!

not really… it’s not my fault how other people can only think about porn when they see a little underboob in an image that has lots of other things in the same image.

I’m just making gifs…sheesh.

“it’s my fault” fixed it

You put it out there, same could be said if I posted a gif of a bare butt and someone posted a mooning joke

Oh, I do dare, though speaking of KFC kinda sad the limited KFC chicken nuggets ended and now they got a big crunch sandwich with cranberry and stuffing on it… There’s a reason why I don’t eat whacky fair food and why I won’t try this, it’s called food poisoning :joy:

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I’ve been manipulating peoples brains for 20+ years now as a producer. I’m VERY aware of what can be and, vice versa, what cannot be “my fault”.

Underboob is NOT the same as bare-ass, because one is covered and one is bare, so, no. Not my fault. Shirts with underboob or no different than Daisy Duke shorts. The sexualization of these types of clothing exists solely with the viewers mind. There’s nothing of my cartoons that suggest sexuality of any sort.

Real-talk: my cousin was killed by the porn industry. Actually lost her life due to the practices of the industry. I will never be involved with that schit! Never.

I would appreciate my work being taken a tad more seriously than the work of pornographers.

I think she knows what she’s doing.

That’s not just in the eye of the beholder. That is sexy, I assure you.

If she doesn’t know what that’s about, somebody needs to let her know…poor kid. Can you imagine thinking all those free drinks were just because everybody’s so damn nice?

Oh yes, the manipulation is strong with that one
I don’t care what someone posts but when they post a rabbit and I say nice rabbit and they say it’s not a rabbit but something else while berating us about it… then all I have to say is :crazy_face:

It’s sexy and we know it

I had a woman ask me for free drinks and I just replied with “If you can’t support your drinking habits why would you think I could?” and walked away :crazy_face:

Too many people, using too much manipulation and way too much BS going around

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i was seeking validation on how the 3D uranium is looking…but… boobs boobs boobs… nevermind.

Oh you got validation, but maybe not the validation you were seeking, and for the record I never used the term boobs, I said only mentioned them once but used breasts to describe the chest fat bags!

You bared it for us to see and we all saw :flushed: :joy:

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ObsidianFang is making XO porn? :face_with_monocle:


I can’t believe Youtube hasn’t taken this down yet.


So, what it is what you are making? A cartoon?

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I was working on a follow-up cartoon to the 1st Crossout cartoon I made about 2 years ago, but life keeps getting in the way, so, I’m not sure I can finish it. I’m also not sure if you’ve seen the 1st one, so here it is. It’s a slow burn but, if you keep with it, you won’t be sorry you watched.