Well, that worked

i didnt dig up old posts as i promised, it was too much. but i was humbled that you conceeded your point regarding p2w.

what mademoiselle tenshin is doing to you here is exactly what i accuse you and paula of doing a couple of times. the hipocrisy being that you dont see it this way now that youre on the other side.

hes telling you to adapt, improvise, overcome! to just not complain so much! maybe not be such a whiner, a baby, dare i say it “toxic”! why write anything if its just negative you know? kind of sad. maybe you should just quit, the game doesnt need pussies like you!

amirite tenshin?

you know what i mean, patents? just kind of crapping on someones potentially within the acceptable margins lying opinion, just because this particular thing doesnt bother you personally too much.

I thought you needed some creepy music to go with that post.

Play it, then read that post. It’s way better.

It isn’t solo if you have people completing rewards for you. That is team play, even if it is not coordinated team play.

Solo = done by one person alone; unaccompanied -for or by one person alone -perform a piece or passage of music unaccompanied -fly an aircraft unaccompanied

Unaccompanied: having no companion

Being in a clan (company) means you have companions if all efforts go to the same rewards.

I believe my whole post was about clarification. I do not pretend to know the difference between solo and in a clan like you. I am not posting in one post (or in the same post for some) that I “play solo but other people are earning my rewards”

I play on the box and pc. I have complained about a few things. Quite a few. Many of them were changed, many were not. I scream loudly with uneeded button remapping etc.

This is the part the “solo players in a clan” do not understand. It is beyond their self interest.


I think this is what I’ll eventually end up doing.
Wise words.

I’ve been waiting… Better things to play.

I keep checking my market in hopes of getting my final paint though…


nah, you freshmen will be back! youre too addicted and or too soft. i can already smell you making the case for getting this or that bp and giving the game another chance. please dont leave reddit alex, im a fan!

You’re clearly a little addicted, too. Hang in there, mate.

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I’ve not bought a battlepass for a year and a half, I’ve never bought premium… it’s not hard to keep doing that


thats to bad cause i love raids. im in a band with poony though for now. maybe i might start my own band / clan that is solely for helping others get badges and whatnot. however it might be a headache to run. expanding the clan to 24 - 32 members might help. but idk. i dont like the idea of managing a clan but you gotta do what you gotta do. the badges are nice to have, its just having the people to run pvp clan confrontation thats the issue here.

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Thanks, at least someone read my cancellation request, but no one had ever replied to me, the fact is that I’m so disgusted that I don’t see the reason to continue writing here, perhaps disturbing those who still love this game.
Yes i am solo player and this week i did stay into another clan, i earn about 750 badages, so leave the clan another time and say good bye.


yes i understan as well, but the rewards are not like before, you have to looking how much time you play and how many rewards you get, i did in band e clan but i didn’t get with same work the same rewards like before the update.

I do understand your frustration finding the right group, but once you find a clan that plays the game it makes the challenges super easy.

I can complete everything in a few hours a week.

Good 4 youuuuuu

Well this game certainly ain’t working today