Well, that worked

I haven’t done the math yet, but it’s pretty clear solo players will NOT be getting as many badges as they used to. It’s far from it. The messaging from the devs seems to be that they don’t want you playing the game if you’re not in a group of some kind.

You’re also not welcome to grind if you’re not in a group and not playing PVP.

This morning’s update seems to have been greeted with another percentage drop in the “recent” Steam reviews. I’m not surprised.


Reddit & Discord are full of hate for the changes, and it’s not all vomitous rantings & ravings. There are some very well thought out & expressed protests - especially on Reddit. Here & Facebook are the only places I’m seeing positive comments (and I’m only seeing… what? 3 people make positive comments here).

That being said, it’s not all doom n’ gloom for the game. In my absence from playing, I have been watching the SteamCharts.Com page for Crossout. I figured watching that graph at the top wasn’t really helping, nor was watching the number of players on over the last 24/48 hours, 7 days etc. What I found was actually useful was this little number right here.

I think it’s safe to say any of us who have been playing for years has - at times - thought the game was about to die.
And yet…

I do wish the game was more enjoyable for me. Maybe I’ll get bored enough to come back and play. I probably will. I dunno. We’ll see.

It will be interesting to see how these charts continue to change, how the devs respond to it, and whether or not they make any more “adjustments” to assuage those of us who don’t find this new game-model appealing.

FWIW, I hope the game succeeds for you guys & myself… for the players.

I have only contempt for the devs… you know… since they apparently have contempt for me & everyone who has ever played the game the way I do.


I have screen shots, so when I am off duty, hopefully I can do the math on it.
Unless someone else beats me to it.
It doesn’t look hopeful though

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It’s basically 1100 max for the solos from 2850 or something… and that’s if you do everything

If you don’t do everything and instead do your raids/pvp and challenges it’s basically 850 down from 2050



The silver lining is that Confrontation guys will earn an extra purple crate a month and then a little more. I Didn’t add up all the points, but it seems like confrontation teams will be able to get 5+/- purple crates a month for each player now.

That’s a ton of free gear!

I guess its time to find the password from my son steam and help our community put it even lower :crazy_face:




I believe that people like me who have been playing for over 4 years and have quite a few years behind them will continue to play, perhaps without a single player clan or gang but they will certainly no longer play as before, too many challenges, too few rewards, there is no longer any incentive to play, also because by now someone like me already has everything they could wish for.
I will definitely never spend a cent on this game again, that is sure.
I am sad to say this because i am one that was accostumed to play everything in this game and everyday from Adventure to clan war, maybe it’s just time to take pause from xo.


Its about damn time, do it and you’ll see you’ll feel great. :muscle:


silly, i already done.


NOooooo…You should just uninstall it and then come back later and check it out again. They screw this game up all the time. Usually it gets salvaged somewhere down the line.

I’m not saying I’m confident that will happen this time, but it might. Just take a break.

Im a solo player. Im in a lil team with one other guy this week and ive already doubled the badges i usually earn per week. Sooo…yeah. Solo me got a sweet deal. I dont even play that much.

I dont get why your all so damn butthurt. Make a geoup for 200 scrap and get more badges thannyou usually would with the same amount of effort.

How do yall not see how good this will be? And now they are adding solo player challenges so i get even more badges? Imma be getringnlike 2.5x the amount of badges i usualky would weekly. Get some perspective people.

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Which is it? Solo and Team are not the same.

So are you going from gaining 50 to 250 or what?

Trying. But you did not give actual numbers so there isn’t any perspective, we don’t know if you are starting in the basement or the top floor.

I gained 0 all week. However, it’s getting close to end of fishing season so even without the changes I wouldn’t be making many because I simply am not playing. (in the winter I would max out in previous years). My numbers are not relevant because of this.


How can you do it to make double badages ? How can you do it with 50 badages for a lot of mission/rais ?
I did try with solo band… it’s not so easy.

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Apparently, he’s a solo guy, on a team, in a clan. So, what he’s saying is you can still be a lone wolf, just as long as you’re in pack, and it works out pretty good, I guess.


That group only unlocks 200 badges worth of challenges.

It’s solo - it’s not to hard to understand the concept of playing the game solo and having band/clan tags for extra rewards.

Anyone that wants to pretend like they don’t understand this can just do without the rewards.


Doc gets it - I do the same thing and I was able to get every reward last week but two of them (the last two raid challenges our clan will never complete - we don’t have people who like PvE in our group)

I never once talked to or grouped with anyone in our clan for the below screenshot results.


I would have upvoted your post if not for the account deletion thing.

I do think XBox players are playing a slightly different game, and that probably causes more than a few of our disagreements on the forum.

I don’t think you should go through with the deletion process, though. This game goes through these phases where it sucks to high heaven, but it always has made a turn-around.

They break it then fix it, then break it, then fix it. It’s always been a part of their creative process, like a game eternally in open-beta.

Give them a little time with this one. They are hashing it out, and no doubt have new features planned in the future that will accompany the current systems in place and help improve the game…probably. They will also break the helloutta it again too. You can count on that.

It is difficult to endure, though. So I don’t blame you for being disenchanted. Your call, but account deletion is probably not necessary, and could bite you on the ass later…


Sounds likeyour a schill. How on earth can you get more when the overall total is less.

Xout has, by far, the most absolutely soft headed player base i have ever run over.

If you think this is good then you need to take a 3rd grade math class.

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4000 badges>3500 badges. Also, it is very nice to log onto Crossout and see your crew has earned you badges while you weren’t playing by doing things that you didn’t want to do and probably weren’t going to do anyway.


My clan is of people who are friends from another game, this game is an alternative when the other game is slow. We’re not interested in mixing it up with new people here to unlock clan rewards. We’re spenders, totally easily a few hundred usd per game per month. But, the people who play more often are being hurt by this update and angry, and these people are the ones who pull the others into the game.

My only point is there are different segments of people playing each game. While the changes buff the Crossout main game people, it nerfs all the transitional players who spend money. I hope the devs do the math right, because while people like us don’t put as many hrs as the others and contribute to the avg player count, we contribute a lot more revenue per server resource consumed. The update is targetedly telling us to fuck off and we will.

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