Well, there is this video. Not sure if he is on the forum or not

no… no it isnt. tell me what is different from it?

“pvp but without bots” is this your only excuse for it being “new”? CLAN WARS was a mode without bots that you compete for rank and uranium.

the only difference between them is you can join with randoms, it comes on every hour, its tied to weeklies, your pretty much forced to play it if you want badges. theres is no difference between clan wars and clan confrontation besides that.

quit trying to justify this as a new mode. if it was new it wouldnt be recycled from a mode that has been in the game for years and dumbed down.

clan wars:
a team of 4 vs 4
no limits on powerscore
no bots
you earn uranium
happens at scheduled times
somewhat tied to weeklies
must have a team of 4 from the clan

a team of 4 vs 4
limits on powerscore
no bots
no uranium
happens every hour
is tied to weeklies
can enter with randoms

if you want an example of something “new” then if a mode came out that allowed you to infinitely respawn and score points for your team until the team won then that would be a new mode. this was a temporary mode before but if it was a permanent mode added in then it would be considered new.

I would have to say I don’t consider confrontation a new mode. It would have been a new mode if they moved squad play only to it and removed them from random queing.

thats why its a new mode…your the one justify it lol :crazy_face: :rofl:

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CW is best of 3 matches and conf is a single battle.


Besides, helicopters is a very different mode.

As far as Confrontation goes, it’s new to me. It isn’t the same as Clan Wars anymore than Patrols are the same as Raids (both are PVE random grouping)…it’s more of a nuisance though, IMO. I have no use for it, but that’s just me…mostly.

The developers seem to view it as a separate mode too, so IDK what else to say about it. It’s physically not the same mode, has different parameters for participating in from Clan Wars, and is the specific fulfillment of the many requests for a random group PVP mode with no bots, but yes it is Clan Wars Lite, and is advertised as such.

I’m not a fan of the mode, personally, but I don’t really want a new mode either, and would simply like improved matchmaking in PVP and more maps. Better matchmaking probably relies a lot on the player population deficit, and that can only be addressed by actually making this game more fun to play.

The poll states that chicks don’t like this game at all. That’s a very under represented demographic (2%), probably, but I don’t know that chicks like video games, and I’ve been pondering whether or not that’s worth pondering.

Is it worth it to make a more girl friendly game experience here? What would that entail? Would that help finally bring some better balance to this wonky game? What do dames dig about video games, if they indeed like them at all? IDK.

I’ve been playing it (conf) though it’s the least played of the modes for me still. I mostly play it to get some scoring in for the clan. I can get a good 4-6k in a few games in that mode fairly quickly and It outscores regular pvp in regards to that. So I don’t have to spend the week thinking about gains when I do regular pvp. I’d be much happier if it rewarded something other than scrap though even if it was just wires. I’d probably play it a bit more if it did that. It is a definitely a different experience from regular pvp though.

I think it’s just happenstance. Female demographics for games is generally almost always lower but out side of life sim games there’s a lot of the same games that guys play. If they boosted some of the RPG, Adventure elements it might help. The age demographics for them are also different and falls off faster. If they had done the openworld stuff people had asked for it probably would have had a bigger draw that would allow for some of those other elements easier. Similarly not killing off awakening mode.

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i forgot to add that :rofl:

That’s actually a huge reason I stay away from CW as I don’t want to play the same people 3 times in a row. lol

The game has been limping along since they added Dawn Children. They had 3 million installs in the first month of OBT. When DC got added, ALL the big youtubers dropped it IMMEDIATELY. Page 233 of the news section.

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whys that? is it because of hovers?

I assume they betrayed the original theme they were going for. The gamescom exhibit that got the game known was a squarebody Chevy truck with a 50 cal on the hood. You get into the game at that time in history and it was just hovers and shotgun wedges.

This is what they hyped the game up with. This is where all the pre obt hype came from. The in game trailer with the 6x6 truck, equalizer and tsunami were also a launch trailer. Nobody cares about the scifi shit, they hurt this game with it.

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My personal experience when changing from ps to pc was that on pc there’s more meta copy-paste but ALSO more absolute trash builds/players, and less in-between. While on playstation the absolutely useless trash build was more of an exception than a rule.

I don’t care for it, but I’m trying to play along. I would have preferred a more polished version of the earlier game without the hovers and pew-pew. If there was such a game, I would play it instead.

I do think the game ran pretty darn just good prior to Supercharged 2.0. I’m not sure they’ve got a proper grip on this new version yet, and I think it runs like crap and is far less amusing, comparatively, despite there being numerous “improvements.”

I’m here for the build feature though. Most kids aren’t very creative, and rely on the developers to make something cool for them, while I’d rather the developers just FO, and leave me with the build feature and a little paint, so I can make my own cool stuff. The guns and modules are meaningless to me (they all go bang-bang. whatever). I couldn’t care less.

If not for the smackdown you get in PVP for not having the latest and greatest, I would have zero interest in the endless variety of ACs, shotguns, cannons, etc. They are all the same to me…more or less.