Well, there is this video. Not sure if he is on the forum or not


Great video. The greed is real, and the game isn’t worth it anymore.

To the naysayers: sharpest decline on Steam since the game’s start, and soon the smallest player count since its official “beta” launch.

Decline of XO

The game’s literally freefalling rn, and we all know past a critical point it becomes self-sustaining. I suspect for most people, the current premium promotion will be the moment they realize they don’t want to tie themselves to this game for a whole year anymore.

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22 seconds in it sounds about right. Will watch in full soon

Haha what a great video… so many relatable things, especially about players in a group always having to do something for whatever reason. I’m glad my friend group just say “do one without me” when they have to do something and when someone isn’t ready they get prodded… not to be rude but because they’re probably in their garage and think that they hit ready up. I get so tired fo groups who just sit there and say nothing, it’s not rude to speak up and let someone know, 90% of the time they just don’t realize, myself included.

I also like how they correct themselves when calling a battlepass item “free” by clarifying that you hve paid for it… I think too many people label items as “free” when they’ve paid for a subscription or 1 off payment… and more importantly when you’ve paid with time.

His thoughts about monitization are spot on too, I already don’t play at certain times of the day due to awful queue times. If I have to wait 2+ mins for a match, which then throws me into a laggy server then why would I keep playing? I’ll just sit on the market or play Rocket league etc, something else to occupy my time.

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this is sad but true. the practices these guys are using is really disgusting. on top of all that no new modes have come into the game for years. any new modes have been timed, the only things we are getting now is battle passes, mini battlepasses, armor and weapons. adventure mode was abandoned fully not even having the weeklies anymore to do inside the mode. and honestly the community is toxic, look no further then reddit. seal clubbing is common now and any new ideas to improve the game or add new modes is shot down with stupid excuses such as “it doesnt make them money” and “itll divide our already small community” gee i wonder why the community is small…

ive been waiting for over 3 years for a new mode to come out but all i seen is predatory microtransactions from the devs. them making crafting recipes then making one of the items a pack item forcing people to buy a pack, or a few, to get what they want. then the jack holes who buy the packs jack up the price of the item by a metric f*** ton to scam coins out of people. free to play players dont stand a chance, these pay to play players buy out the battle passes then max the rewards the day the level ups in the battle pass become available while us hard working and patient players have to wait. its disgusting.

i been a player in crossout for a long time but this deplorable crap is getting to be far to much for me. i stuck with crossout because i liked blowing stuff up, building my cars and doing pve and events. but like 3 years ago theres literally nothing to do! NOTHING has been added to the game. nothing has been new. and further more theres nothing left to do. they left modes to die, they make new modes temporary, they try to leech as much money out of people as possible, and they dont do anything to try to keep players invested into the game. i myself might have to call it quits soon if they dont step up and stop this garbage. make a fun game or dont make a game at all.

it is absolutely SHAMEFUL what crossout has become.

Clan Confrontation is a new mode. Just sayin. I think it’s a garbage P2W mode (no wonder they invented it), but some people think it’s “great.” I think it’s like having regularly scheduled enemas, and I have absolutely no idea what people might like about them, but it is a new mode, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure the developers mock us with thinly veiled metaphors, and they see this as a ranch full of animals to farm, or a carnival where the games are obviously rigged…that’s probably shocking to some people, that the carnival games are a con, and ranch animals are for eating. It’s true, and I think they view us as livestock.

By the way, we do actually live on a farm (in game).

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I’m so used to facing only meta builds that CC is just pvp without bots and I find it quite enjoyable if I’m in the mood for it. Bots really ruin the game for me.

I like the bots (PC) and find them more reliable than the live players most of the time. I am more prone to group with bots than humans because humans suck so bad, are caustic people, and often come in some pretty wonky-ass builds.

Often the bots out-play humans over here in PC-land. I think market restrictions on PC make the grind harder and more people either have crap equipment (f2p lone randoms) or are in a clan (squads) and pay to play, so PVP is often very lopsided, and without the bots, or that one guy who carries the whole team, my team would never win.

They do and I think that’s what annoys me, I get given terrible random teammates and also have to herd out bots and bait their bots… I’d rather just deal with the trash teammates and not the AI along with it.

Are there more casual people on PC alongside the clan squads? I asked on reddit for a population comparison using the new event leader board and PC was at 34000, Xbox at 5500 and PS at 9000… So I do wonder if my platform has a high concentration of toxic meta cancer in comparison to other platoforms.

This video hit the nail on the head about hemorrhaging players. This game has become a lot more P2W. The Odin Generator is the most P2W item in this game so far.


'i always said “this game is a marathon with no finish line” :kissing_heart:
and leader boards need a cap,thats why players stop playing it. lets say you get 10k,then log in just to see you have 1k now on the board.why bother playing it anymore? :crazy_face:
you will never catch up !
they play way beyond the finish line and the more they play beyond that line the more these players are stuck trying to get something they can never get because your score gets lower and lower everyday…not fair ! :cry:

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I think there were, but Clan Confrontation (which is META or die) has forced more of the general population into seeking out exploits and the most effective tactics available just to survive. Now clans, which there are significantly more of (obviously. It’s more or less a requirement to play) loiter in PVP, waiting for their mode to open up, and demolishing ramdoms and the casual player while they wait.

For me this is something of a culture shock. I mean, we always had the META in PVP taking the cake, but now we have squads of it, and it’s overwhelming. A lot of games I play as a lone random result in this…

I can usually see it coming too. It’s obvious. Either somebody will have to carry the team like a pro (and loose anyway), or the rest of us will just die from the META onslaught in 30 seconds or so.

Last night wasn’t so bad, and was more enjoyable, but I think that was because it was past the META squad’s bedtime.

If I was to log on right now, I would likely face squads of cut and paste booster-pigs until I got sick of that schit.

I can’t save everybody, and before somebody starts preaching that “get gud” BS, let me say that it isn’t just me on these teams. There are 3 or 4 other guys, plus bots, who all get treated the same way, over and over, and nothing I build, no matter how clever, is going to save them from it, so it often comes down to me and my art-build vs a melee squad of 3 or 4, plus their bots bulls-eyeing me from across the field.

Fun? IDK…I sure wouldn’t have tried to enhance this dynamic by making META Clans the way this game is played, and making the game revolve around that BS with Clan Confrontation, but I suppose that’s where they think the money is.

All the really expensive cars are on a race track, so I guess if they force everybody to hit the “track,” they will have to pony up some actual cash in order to stay afloat or compete. Rather than allow people to casually enjoy a video game. They installed an imperative to spend (Clan Confrontation), looks like to me.

It’s just that, while the Grand Prix is lucrative for those who can afford to be involved, it is a rich man’s sport, and even though everybody likes cool cars, only a very tiny minority of people actually race them. The auto industry cannot be supported by race car drivers, it needs practical users, just like this game. Sure Clan Wars is probably very lucrative, but the video game industry cannot survive based on the incomes of tournament lovers and hardcore enthusiasts who dump schit-loads of cash into their sport…I mean, is this a fucking sport or is it a pass-time? I don’t see me winning any trophies, gold medals, or sponsors, for this BS. I don’t want one either, and I’m not going to pay out my ass to get one.

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LOL no it isnt. its a recycled mode. its basically just clan wars on a diet. the only difference is you can pair up with randoms, i dont call this a new mode. oh and its tied to clan weeklies so if you dont have a full clan earning tons of points per week then your not getting anything in terms of badges.

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Yeah I can relate to this.

Their push towards clans is totally to try and get more income as they know it’s their best money maker. But as they realised with Odin - forcing it too much will result in people just leaving. They ahd to drop the Odon crafting cost due to it being far too rediculous and instead of getting that whale money they would of instead lost more clan players… so instead they made it more viable so that people could get it easier and have more players in clan wars still. Trying to get the best of both worlds.

The fun I have is mainly trashing the Meta players in my art build, beating on regular players who aren’t in meta builds usually makes me feel a little bad… as if they’ve gotten caught in the cancer-crossfire.

I do like playing the hero myself. Always did. Back when hovers were all the rage, that was my target. I just can’t resist it. Now that the melee META is a thing, that’s what I’m looking for. Sometimes it gets me into trouble (often actually, same as hover hunting did), but I just love knocking out a bully, and confronting a-holes, even if that means I die in process, both in this game and real life…yes, it has gotten me into heaps of trouble, because pigs are often what bullies grow up to be IRL.

:crazy_face:yes it is :kissing_heart:

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I think it is too. I think people had been asking for a mode just like it for at least a year here on this forum. They often ask for matches with no bots, and essentially (literally?) that’s what it is; PVP without the bots.

Had they not made the entire game revolve around that highly competitive mode, people would be happier. In fact they threw an almost historical schit-fit when it first hit the fan. Not because they hated the mode, but because it was more or less required to play (which is what the developers wanted). They rolled that back a little, just to put out the fire, looks like.

Otherwise, I think most people would have been happy to see another mode in this game (which CC certainly is, IMO), particularly one without bots (not me though. I don’t care), because some people do like that better.

Had they not tied Badges to it, the mode would probably not be as cut-throat as it is (pure META), and I bet more people like myself would play it. As it is, I mostly smirk at it and go, “Nah, I’m not standing in line for this schit.” I see “Heap Wars” and I don’t understand the allure. If the physics in this game made actual sense, I might go for it, if I thought I could actually learn something, but this seems like a lot of concentration for very little net gain…or I could bust out the wallet, buy the gear I need, and just download some established META, and not re-invent the wheel via their build feature.

I feel like the build feature is less relevant these days, and it’s better to just download somebody else’s heap, since they are all basically the same, and there aren’t many ways to deviate from the standard without sacrificing the efficiency (stickers and paint?).

They’ve made the META too important, and central, IMO. The build feature is almost useless baggage. It’s not like kids are building cool schit with it. They’re building survival heaps based on wonky sci-fi XO physics, and aesthetics are barely relevant, and certainly won’t make your experience in PVP go any smoother, so who cares?

Not very many, or it’s something that is just too difficult to achieve anyway (I spend a lot of effort doing it…and failing), and then if you do build something cool, it’ll get wasted in a few seconds by something that totally doesn’t look cool.

WTF is that? IDK. It’s the “META.” It’s nonsensical and hideous, because it’s exploiting the game’s design weaknesses, and is sort of a mirror image of it. It is born from the corruption, and cultivates it.

Point is; instead of abhorring the corruption and seeking to cleanse it, they’ve just gone ahead and embraced it to a degree for a buck.

I know that’s all hyperbolic, exaggerated, long winded, and cynical, but that’s how I roll. I don’t think the entirety of this game sucks, but that’s how I would describe the parts of it that do, and some of it actually does, and I don’t like the excuses for it, frankly. Some of it really, actually does suck, but not all of it. Some of it is very amusing.

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Plus we got permanent Helis, which is hueg in terms of new modes

If these event modes were made permanent then they wouldn’t be as exciting, they’d get stale and boring… these modes always need tweaking and recreating, they’re more fun when they show up refurbished and altered.

I totally forgot about that. I guess a lot of us did somehow? I’ve mostly ignored it. I don’t have the BP so it’s easy.

I like copters for Patrols, and I’m glad you mentioned it, because I’ve been rebuilding my 12 blueprint PVP roster (that’s all I play), and I’ve got one slot left, and I forgot to include a copter build for Copper Patrols. I need one.

I find it (patrols) sort of relaxing and mesmerizing with the grenade launchers and a chopper (immersive low energy escapism). I just wish they’d give us more maps, or let us into Raids with copters. I think I’d like to see the raid maps from the air for a change. I’m totally done with that mode (raids) otherwise. I like the maps, but I’ve seen them too many times.

I’ve been doing Heli stuff for the challenges, I do want the free CK’s and such from the passes and events