Well, this sucks

Didn’t realize that there was a limit on the main and additional challenges for the season. Is this new? I don’t remember capping on the other seasons. Just assumed they kept coming every week till the season was over, but I just finished all of them and now 12 days of nothing…

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Was really looking forward to the extra coin I was going to get.

Yeah, it’s like that every season.


I think i may be lazy. I only ever play for scrap metal to level up my BP. I dont ever look at the challenge tab and its rewards. I do make it to the end though.

Huh. I didn’t know there was a BP challenge cap. I got a late start on this BP, because I was playing chimeraland. I did still finish all my reward levels with a month left. I dont try to, but I am finishing my weakly and daily BP challenges every week. Just by playing how I play.

I was unaware there was a cap off on weekly BP challenges. I have not experienced this yet. Or maybe I just don’t notice it. Are you guys buying levels and getting the higher priced +15 level BP packs to max out early or something? But it’s your quest objectives your running out of? I’m so confused as to how you are maxing and I’m not. When I’m completing all my challenges.

I mean I might be not noticing I’m not getting the BP quests at the last few weeks. But why would Devs stop giving new quests at that point.

This all makes no sense to me…

You’ll see a msg when you get to the end of the last batch it will pretty much say no more challenges.

I didn’t buy any additional levels or the higher priced BP.

I don’t think there’s any cap, its just that youre done with this weeks challenges and since its the last week it says there wont be new ones. Only that message is new, not the “cap”. Like I’ve finished most seasons before they ended and I’ve never seen that message showing up. There’s no cap per say,(aside when its empty and gotta wait for next week/daily reset) its just that the day the event ends, the challenges go away with it. So they dont obviously drop new ones for after the event is done.

Yes, your right about the challenges ending with the season. But I still had 12 days from the time I posted this, so I should have had one more week of challenges before the season ended.

Oh, maybe because it didnt ended on the exact same day of the reset so they didnt give challenges on that 5 day week at the end? Nvm I did hit the end like you, I remember it now. That’s weird, it surprised me at first but I didnt think about it more than that at that time.

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