Whaler may just bring Canons to meta again

So i just picked up a whaler and a typhoon to go with my tsunami and its a pretty great combo so far. The cab really helps the canons do work. I also put the new engine on it too along with omnis and some heavy melee and i can muster about 2200+ hp.

Im really rusty with my aim on these guns. I dont remember the bullet drop anymore. But the canons are performing far better than they have in many years. Im getting better performance now while missing shots vs the times when i had the drop and aim down pat a while back.

I think this cabin will give canons a comeback. The perk just insta loads.


Not sure if it would benefit my play style but it looks cool! Gonna have to pick one up just for the :sunglasses: Cool factor! (No pun intended due to the :cold_face:faction derived from. )

That may be a bit of a naive question, but is whaler better than icebox ? From the tests I did, you charge it with one shot then get at best 3 shots with perk before you have to reload it. The perk is 25% damages, projectile speed and impulse compared to the permanent 20% damage of the icebox. It’s easy to see that you lose a bit on damages even with the best ratio of 3/4th of shots. But maybe the speed and impulse make the difference ?

Its a medium cabin. Icebox is heavy. That alone is enough of a reason to use one over the other. Or to use both. I like a faster cab. Even with a tonnage engine i can get more than 2,000 hp on my Nami build.

The impulse part of the perk is pretty helpful ngl.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll have to test them with my tsunamis. I would imagine that to use the fact that they are medium you play them on hovers instead of legs ?

should be good for mastodonts building ?

4 omnis.

Yeah. It takes two volleys to load the perk but its still great for mastodons imo. Youd need to keep the canons in front of the cab though and youll need a heavy engine to have enough hp. The fin whale engine will leave you with less than 1500hp if you use a tonnage engine. And the cabin is tall so its easy to hit. Typhoon works great with it but even that canon is pushing the weight boundaries of this cabin.

This sounds like a great combo, I like all kinds of weapons and cannons I just seem to enjoy more, so much destruction!

I am traying mastodont and scorpion mix it’s really interesting with separate fire of course, i will try with whaler too