*Whales !..your team isn't crap.🤣

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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this is public information,you know that…
‘and it’s nothing personal’…just showing new players how whales respond when they lose :crazy_face:
the biggest criers…
don’t start policing,it don’t look good on you. :shushing_face:
:crazy_face: :rofl:



but everyones loves a clown…


At least he didn’t hide his profile. I lol from guys thinking they got some superintel there))

Oh geez, this isn’t a new thing but it sure is an old get-over-yourself thing with these types of people, who rush in alone to fight a team of bots die 30 seconds in, and spend the remainder of the match being a :clown_face: :rofl:

I think :monkey: felt like your post was a personal attack :rofl:

Oops, looks like you may have ended up on his flagging post harassment campaign with this post, if you haven’t count yourself lucky as I have to keep :monkey: perma ignored or all my posts suddenly and magically get flagged/hidden but it ain’t him … But he’s back at it still with the flag harassment … really?

Though I wish when you had someone set as ignored they couldn’t interact with your posts period anymore

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I would like to pass this on because it appears to work almost every time. When someone starts mouthin’ off like that, I tend to say either “Aw crap, we woke up the baby.” or “Can someone stuff a titty in that babies mouth, please?”

then, most of the time, they’ll drop into my whispers to say what ever filth they have to say. I just reply with this “Crying babies are WAY more distracting than anything else.” If it keeps going, I just hit the up-arrow to reload the same response and reply with that over and over and over, until they stop.

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I got the whispers set so randoms can’t whisper to me or message me in-game and had to think about doing so on this forum due to the inbox bandit but found out you can’t, least I can’t find a way to set the forum messages off


Seems familiar

He was playing incinerators. He probably didn’t rush in. Instead he shot where the bots were pathing and aggroed them all on him. (I don’t actually know this, but when I first played incinerators I learned not to do that, dam executioner bots).

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8K, 2 Wheels ? WTF :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Oh I’ve seen people rush in with support builds like incinerators and mandrakes, but probably what you said happened, and with only 2 Omni’s I could see a hit or two turning that build into a sitting :duck:

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Looks like he has studded tires in the front.


Yeah, it looks like a titled incinerator build with hover catches to me.

It’s looks like his own build (which is awesome if he built it himself, so little people do) but the concept is not anything out of the norm.

Tilted incinerator builds work rather well.

I guess we are all suppose to attack him for not running meta or a downloaded build?

Is too sensitive and hes trying to act like a sheriff here, not the first time though. Flagging ppl posts is his new job.

I was also lowkey thinking that while his behaviour is discutable, attacks like “lol shit build” aren’t better. If he got that kdr in solo q playing that kind of “shit builds”, he’s probably doing something right

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WAW! Just noticed the 0 clan battles.

Either he melted his Gold card on XO, or he spent hours playing the market like a god.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

To check how much of a whale they are just check their portrait section and see their battlepass level… some people spend 100s for levels off the bat