What a farse

Here we are.

Changes after the mass testing - News - Crossout

I’m disgusted with all of this, especially with you fellow forumites and specially with the Hovers guys, by the simple reason none… i will repeat NONE of this is relevant to me directly, and yet i will still be affected by this changes and yet i don’t know by how much.
I rely on the forum to obtain info, i don’t do reddit, i wont watch the livestream because working hours.
So much was the white noise that i will to have to wait and see how this changes will affect me ( and probably have to reddo or make another build in mid process of gathering materials).
My movement part doesn’t appear in the announcement.
Fuck all


Update is not that bad, visuals are good, different camera point of view takes some getting used to but not annoying. Strafe change might be helpful for players who weren’t handy with the old setting, otherwise you’ll turn it off. I don’t care about Hover’s changes. All in all, nothing shocking, drama queens on this forum can go back to their cribs as far as I’m concerned.


Crossout has already lost his most knoledgable and most dedicated players. So the update is in fact bad .