What absolute crazy insane luck!

I was in the process of crafting a new porc loading up on uranium and then this happens like a bolt of lightning out the blue right before i gets a chance to craft. Free extra porcs and maybe a mastodon on top hooray.

1 hour later

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I really wish this was the kind of an event people in general could make use of, rather than only helping the people already swimming knee deep in uranium to begin with

Instead of reducing the cost, they should have done something like announce the ability to grind uranium outside clan wars to actually make relics more available to all people, rather than this

Every new update I start to feel more and more like the ability to punch developers through the internet would be very cool


Yea I agree there

I literally got like 40k coin richer in a single day. Bought 410 uranium right before the price hike along with all the crafting materials, what are the odds?