What are you all waiting to de-fuse

What items do you guys have in your inventory that are just waiting for the hopeful defusion with stabilizers event? Kind of interested to see what things you regret fusing and owning, or what battle pass items you find worthless for whatever reason

For me I’ve got a pair of fused Varuns and a pair of fused Astraeus I’ve got sitting in my inventory since forever that I am really looking forward to getting rid of. Varun is so flawed that I can’t see the devs making it any good because it just needs that much change or buffs, and Astraeus is a horrible weapon for me, when it came out it was ok but the game got way too mobile and facehuggy for me to keep up with this thing to a satisfying degree, especially since both of these guns suffer from the same “I could try to do a specific thing with these through extreme hard work and suffering, or just tap fire any weapon or gungnir it casually holding down a button while relaxing and get the same things done”

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Here are some parts i have that id consider unfuseing.

-one trombone
-at one point i was highly considering tsunami, but now i have a nami buuld i really like.

Presently it looks like ill probably get rid of the heather and the thresher and one trombone

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Nothing. Everything I have that is fused is pretty good and useful. But I don’t play the same build over and over other than my incinerator build.

A defusing event is a way for Gaijing to make an item lose considerable value. If something underperforms, it may receive a balance rework in the future, in sha Allah. And with the recent change to the weekly normal and hard raid challenges, it’s easier to get more value out of raiding, for future upgrades. An extra hour or two of raids a week lets me complete both.

I need one of these de fusion events to stock up on some stabilizers. I have 2 purple stabilizers and I have a legendary cabin fusion project I want to do. I would like a stock of about a dozen purple and a dozen gold stabilizers.

For stuff I don’t want, I would consider defusing my BP Assembler, Heather, Annihilator and Parsers if they fetched a good price.

just buy flags for factions,they give a lead container for leveling up a faction and you might get 200coin… :crazy_face: :rofl:
i always got blue,but you can craft them in engineers and when event starts and you can buy them or sell them…

I’m not going to defuse anything.

I did do a few BP legendaries I don’t use late time for some fast coin, but now I wish I had them back :slight_smile: lol

Always just push forward.

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