What are you grinding towards?

I’m curious what other people are currently working towards acquiring in the game?
Personally, I want to try Mandrakes after the recent changes. After that I need a Flash.

Right now I’m not grinding towards anything. I’m lvl 188 prestige with under 900 raids done. If that puts things in to perspective.

From time to time I have ground out raids a little bit. Like when I was trying to get a third porcupine. I was also grinding ore at the time. But the occasions are few and far between where I push to grind for anything.

Currently I doubt that I’ll ever do a raid again. I just build and PvP. Sure playing the way I do nets me a slower progression on terms of inventory gained than other players, but I don’t care. I’ve no interest in competing to be the guy with the most stuff, or fusing all my relics. I play the way I find is most fun for me. No matter the cost.

Im just treading water. I’m coastingwith what I have. If I want something new and a part starts to rot unused in my inventory I just switch it up and sell those items and get the new fresh parts I want.

I don’t really do raids either. For me, grinding is just playing PVP and events until I have enough resources/coin to get what I want. I don’t like selling stuff that I enjoy playing. I like to have a lot of options.

I’m working on a:
3x set of Helios for raids.
2x set of Quasar for messing with Hadron (I’ll probably sell them) (Did that with two fatman I made too)

There’s a lot of items I don’t love enough to mess with really too.

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A year ago, (or was it two years ago?) I ended up getting a punisher since I love the look and sound of that weapon, let alone its pretty decently effective as well, thing is I sold it like a dumb dumb to get other stuff:
So last christmas I was hyped to grind back to it again and keep it this time for a big worm 1 pun 2 aspect build for the wave event, but I was so disapointed they scraped the event over that I left for 1-2 months. I’m still in love with the weapon especially since they buffed it and I guess I’m somewhat slowly grinding towards crafting one or atleast aspects in the mean time. I was planning to grind for 1-2 dracos cause I love fire in general, but with the new nerf I’m not so sure about that project, I might jump directly to firebug after punisher(s) instead since i got a similar story with em:

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You’re pretty much describing a lot of the reasons why I often keep myself limited to lower then legendary weapons in most of my builds. Often I don’t want to go up that far in the grind ladder to get something that I might not be satisfied with later.

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True but back then I merely regretted cause I had sold lot of my inventory just for that, but this time around I plan to not do that, will be longer grind but at least ill still have my other stuff as backup.

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One of my cousins that I got playing the game did similar sold a lot to get a relic after grinding just to see them nerfed. Then they went through a period of not playing just because it made their effort seem less than fruitful. Again this is a reason I stick it out in the midrange weapons. I had warned him about that too.

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Yeah I totally get the reasoning, like I wouldnt do it on other relics or legendary I dont really enjoy, i like the punisher and firebug for what they are visually and soundwise, not really cause theyre relics. Hence wise i plan to get aspects in the meantime since their sound is pretty good since its last update.
If lets say spectres and remedies had their look and sound I would prob just stick with those instead and prob not get relics. Firebug does have the uniqueness of 360 though.

I’d really like to see every version of weapons in both 360 and limited firing angle through out the item ranges so a player can go up and down the list as much as they desire to make their play choices. It’s easy to say not every item will satisfy every user but this breeds diversity into the system.

Agreed, I mean they’ve already done with most weapons, just has left everything firestarter related to dry on that side and not consistent on rarities for everything not mg/shotgun.

I really mean everything like we have zero limited angle energy weapons right now. I want players to have fun and have the most diversity they can get though. Some ideas might be really be with out any fruitfulness though. We have to understand that too as a player base.

I def did not enjoy punishers. But I sold them so it was all good. Idk why hitscan bores me so much. I lose up to 2k, or sometimes I lose no coin switching relics up, but hey, I got to try them out to see if I liked them.

Not sure they’re hitscan, they just have good accuracy and fast velocity bullets which i guess makes them close to being hitscan so I get what you mean, but you can still miss some shots because of spreading and such. Its perk aint the best nor the worse, really shines if you tap fire stack and when the perk kicks you hold though.

Hitscan means when you fire the gun there’s no bullet speed or delay between dammage. As soon as you fire the damage lands on whatever is at the center of your ret. All the weapons in the machine gun category are 100% hitscan aside from reapers. Of that I can guarantee. This is the true true.

On of the reasons I got rid of my punishers is I’m having tendon issues all over my arms. Still waiting for doctors to figure out what it is… Even though I already know what it is. It’s just painful for me to tap fire at this point. I can go a few games, but that’s it. And yeah, to get optimal performance from punishers it is very necessary to tap fire.

That sucks. I’m noticing that strafing movement parts are hurting my hands if I play too much. And since my job depends on my hands (I cut hair), I’ve been back to playing mostly wheels and tracks again.
Getting old is stupid.

I mean yeah tap firing is better but i think not as much as lets say aspects because of their perk, also you can do longer bursts of shots while still tap firing, both aspects and punishers(not sure for several pun. though only ever had one) still feels good/powerful even when you dont tap fire too. (I know cause I can’t manage to tap fire, I know how I just always forget and hate doing it.) Unless you come face to face with an arbiter ktm of sorts or vindi spider ofc.

Well at least you’re able to pull it off albeit the pain it gives you, I can hardly manage to strafe effectivly while driving. I can only do it when stationnary. Too much things to manage at once for me I guess.

Also isn’t punisher perk iffy when tap firing? Cause you need 40 hits to get it, sure you can still stack it up albeit prob bit slower than just holding. Then when the perk activates do you just hold or still tap fire since by tap fire youd land less shot before the perks runs out no?