* What are you spending your badges on? should we Poll? ok 😫

  • i spend badges on-- RESOURSES
  • i spend badges on- PARTS
  • i spend badges on- CRATES
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I spend them on resources, unless there are new structure parts available.
You can never have enough structure parts.

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Well, I used to save the badges for the 3000-badge crates, so I can sell the item in it, but TOO MANY TIMES I got the cheapo stuff like a $100 wheel instead of the $250 engine, so now I just exchange all the badges for copper and sell that. (This is why I don’t waste my time recycling anything).

Resource price per badge spreadsheet ftw

Made by someone smarter than me

Really, I do all of them. Crates, much less, but I have traded for a crate in the past. I’m trying to get all the parts first, only trade for resources when I want to craft something and don’t want to grind for plastic/electronics.

well im doing plastic on PC highest it’s been in 2 years…use to be 42.coin + back in the day

I never save it once I’m done as it’s always changing, but on Xbox the best per badge is always between Batteries and Copper and only sometimes Plastic.

Plastic used to be the the best but it’s only ever higher than those other 2 when there are events happening. Batteries and Copper are usually so close that I just pick Copper because it sells easier than Batteries.

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Yeah, batteries often offer slightly higher profit than copper, but sells slower.
Occasionally one of the other resources will be the right choice.
I use the calculator on my phone to double check my choices.