What are your copters?

We might not have rotors yet but lets see those copters.

The Raven or “raven strike”

Is a new heli designed for “the needs of the wasteland” built to take on ravagers from the safety of the air this copter will be a need breed in defense for wasteland settlements, using a dawns fusion reactor and nomad recon suit this copter can see anything on the field and has the ability to stay in air until the pilot needs to land.

For that reason it has a rather interesting cab, once again using dawns tech this moon buggy cab was modified with a larger sleeping area and a store room for upto a weeks worth of rations.
Now you may be asking why would a copter need such a robust power supply and living quarters. The reason is simple this thing is designed to protect settlements from ravager attacks. for that reason it must be able to stay in the air day and night for weeks and take out the threats with pin point accuracy.
While its weapons are not as long lived two flutes with only 16 and 17 spare missiles, and a reaper with 1000 rounds in its drum. they are designed with a quick load system the drum on the reaper is easy to reach and replace and the fluits can easily be loaded with under wing mounted loading tubes meaning it can spend as little as half an hour on the air between combat engagements.

Sadly do to delivery issues, The rotors for this craft have yet to arrive but rest assured when they do the wastelands will have a new protector.

Yeah this beast is more for looks then raw damage, that said sometimes looks can kill.
Base armaments of this thing is a reaper, 2 fused flutes, an MK1 cloak, purple ammo box, and on the tail a doppler for long range detection.

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lol I haven’t bothered starting one yet, I want the part in hand first.

Can’t wait to see what you build.

I’m pretty sure that any vehicle that will do well in this mode will look more like a spaceship then a helicopter.

Okay…sooooo, i totally stole this design from the dev live stream. I saw it and was instantly in love. Reminds me of a Cobra or Apache.


mine needs a little work… :crazy_face:


That, right there, is the key to good sci-fi, IMO: Humor.
Thanks for that. This forum can always use more levity. It can be so dark here sometimes. I fall into the pit myself, often. Thanks again for the hand-up.
Also, now that I’ve seen those wheels mounted back to back like that, I will find it hard to do it any other way…but I will probably try. It’s going to stick in my head though, and I will have to consciously make an effort to not do it that way now. It just looks like the way it’s supposed to be done for some reason, and I can’t un-see it, so thanks for that too, I guess.

I was thinking the same, but this thread has me wanting to jump the gate anyway…it’s the wheels, probably.
Also, I’m not real thrilled with the game right now and was struggling to find an interest in playing, was content to just wait it out, but those wheels. I’ve gotta build something.

These choppers are going to generate a lot of interest, it looks like to me. That will be great for this game, at least in the short term. If they can make this work, and I think it’s fair to be skeptical, Crossout might have a good year. I’d like to see the steam charts read 8k again. Ya, that’s probably unrealistic, but whatever. I think the whole system works better when there are more players, and I’m sure the developers would agree. Maybe this flying thing can get those numbers up.

Anyway, cool thread. This seems up my ally, so…I’ll be back with a chopper.

Now I’m wondering, once I get the part in hand, if I can build a flying saucer…Suppose they made a wing that was roughly the same size and diameter as these blades (or whatever), but had a more continuous fin, more disk like, or more science fiction like?
I’ve heard rumors of aliens, but I’ve not seen anything in this game that makes me believe. I think it’s just a government conspiracy, personally, but Flying Saucer parts in hand might be persuasive.
This is sci-fi, right? Things are gonna fly now, right? So let’s see the aliens, finally. I want an Alien Grey co-driver to boost my sci-fi crap to go with it too (pew-pew).

If things are going to fly now, I think it’s time to stage the invasion. The next battle pass ought to be alien and flying saucer themed, I think. Otherwise, I’ll just write the whole thing off as the hoax it probably is.


I have some things in mind I want to try but it’s just hard to say if they would work without the part.

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One of the best things to have when writing a story. One of my favorite sayings involves 40k “The world maybe grimdark, but the people in it they are a riot.”

Humor is really good when it comes to anything serious as it puts things into prospective.

Example is how the next christmas pack has a line on its cab about having a fully working TV, this tells you outright that even in a wasteland battle people can have fun.

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This build is cool looking. I like the forward and backward claw wheels. I have free money since none of the fusions are interesting, so I will buy an Assembler, and play with two Assemblers, the battlepass Griffon cab, and some claw wheels. This should be excellent, as Assemblers don’t use modules, and Griffon perk can keep homing rockets from locking on to you. I think that some variation of this will beat out Waltz and Hurricane as the best overall build for the event.

Assembler tap fire mode will also be highly useful for shooting down incoming rockets.

Yep, having a good AMS system in place will be just as important as good damage. Also all copters will have to worry about direct fire from autocannons and flutes on the ground which might be harder to deal with.

I also think that Steppe Spider Waltz/Cricket/Locust/Snowfall/Flute may just one shot every other helicopter setup. The Helicopter is not bound by the Steppe Spider’s 60 kph speed, making this a monster build.

I modeled mine after a Russian mini-copter prototype.

Ya, after all the silly rhetoric, I didn’t even use the funky wheels.


wouldn’t have fit for that design, but damn that is a nice design. can’t wait to see what other designs come once we have the rotors.

Mines a wierd looking aquatic kind of spaceship on augers with two waltz. It looks alright. It could be cooler.

Im dying to play this new mode.

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I tried another one.

I didn’t even bother trying to color in the lines this time. It’s pretty abstract.

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But what about the Wheels!

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the raven has her wings.

Oh and I have a version with different weapons, instead of a reaper ant two flutes, it has a cricket and 2 pyres.

The bad thing about this “test” is that everyone will be flying.

If it is added to game helicopter builds would be made much different do to the fight being different.

Also, when helicopter blade get shot off you will fall to the ground being a ground build. So make sure you plan for that.

Many guns you will want to mount sideways, where the gun goes through the frame and can shot all the way up and all the way down. Right and left motion will not matter much because we are on a helicopter.

Crossout and the real world are two different things. If your not trying to build crazy spaced armor UFOs then your most likely going to get wrecked.

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Rough monkey most likely flight will remain in its own mode outside of the main mode even if made a permenant part of the game. The base maps are not balanced for it, even the ones that it could work are not something that would allow it do to size.

WE see that with the one base map that is in the mode it is just to small.